Monday, January 25, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 4

Finally... Reborns WISP lol, I guess now its time to change workaround on Reborns ^^ he gets a less love last time.. XD

Well.. this time I didnt take much WISP coz my camera battery died... lol so I'll cover up only a bit.. which is creating panel-lining on the kit ^^

First.. I drew some sketches to design panel line on some white paper ^^... Drew some design and choose this one as my final, tho I changed a bit when doing the panel-lining ^^;;

Im using this tool... its china brand.. dunno what it called but I guess its called Pen Scriber? hm... very sharp... can ninja kill someone lol

Working on one part of the shoulder... but I failed at first lol.. I use Chubbybots trick.. but somehow my hand always slipped ^^;;.. cover it up with surfacer 500 coz i dont have putty yet.. need to buy one huhu... Didnt take the rest of shoulder parts coz i forgot

Then did the Front Skirt part.. also forgot to take the yellow piece too orz

Move on the Chest part... draw first on the kit... but it tend to rubbed of ~_~

Done scribe the first line on the chest part lol.. almost perfect ne? ^^

Making panel lining kinda make me tired.. lots lots time to take to make it near to perfect and straight line lol ^^;;

Take some pics after assembled test, notice the grey line parts... thats the miss scribe that I mentioned.. covered with surfacer 500 ^^;;

Front Skirt part view ^^, really like it ^^ see that miss scribe again orz

Next will be doing more panel lining, and add some pla-plate for more details ^^

Until next post!

Jya ne~

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 4

Alright... next WISP Wing Gundam ver Ka... sorry Reborns u have to wait a lil bit more lolol

This WISP will focus on clear parts of MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka...

Click the image to view larger image in new tab

First lets starts with Head clear parts ...

Will be using metalic (like) marker and Copic Modeller pen

Paint on the back of the clear part

I tried using Copic pen for black part of the eyes but faild miserably lol

Instead I'll be using this paint - Tamiya Ename Paint X-1 Black

and using this Zippo lighter feul for thinning enamel paint

used stir stick and mix the paint, not using any ratio, I just randomly put it lol..

Painted using smallest point brush that I have.. and cleaned a bit on the eyes part...

Test fit, hm.. too dark lol.. also painted green metallic on the v-fin part

Next - clear part on the arms

Same like before.. painted back of the clear part

Test fit and It look okay ^^

another shot

Chest orb clear part

Also painted back of the clear parts..

Looks nice~~~

I think thats all for the clear parts of this kit, didnt check weapons unit has or not.. too lazy to open the box lolol

Here some of extra pic with clear parts done ^^

Hopefully next will be Reborns WISP, if not will be either MG Wing Gundam's weapons unit or panel wash... We will see which one later on lol...

I'm thinking going to get finish my first MG Wisp before my next loot arrive lol... (due 1.5month maybe) then move to Reborns WISP or maybe starts on next MG project lol... gonna plan it ahead ^^;;

Thats all for now...

Jya.. ne~

Sunday, January 17, 2010

K-0n! Gundamu



Friday, January 15, 2010

Get it or not to get!?

Just saw this on NK, Delfing plamo kit by Kotobukiya from manga/soon to be anime movie Break Blade/Broken Blade..

I've been followed the manga (altho its only a few chapters lol) Im kinda like it a bit... Given the 'Golem' designs are nice... and also the mechanical designer is Takayuki Yanase-sama which also one of mechanical designers in Gundam Double O..

I'll skip the Break Blade/Broken Blade synopsis, im sure u can find it somewhere on net lol (actually im lazy to type :P)... The first plamo kit from this manga will be Delfing, main character's 'Golem' which is the design is awesome.. I like the back design that resemble a broken blade also on his head ^^ which is probably why the manga name is Break Blade/Broken Blade :D..

While I like the mecha designs and stuffs.. whats bothers me is the maker of the plamo kit.... Kotobukiya ^^;;... From what I heard and saw from my fellow 'nakama' on their Kotobukiya's kit.. theres so much problem with the kit and stuffs.. reading those makes me think twice to buy this brand v_v... I almost buy AC kits but luckily kinda hold off because of the price tag XD lol ...

Now this guy is going out soon and Kotobukiya doing it ... makes me in dillema again uguuu...

So what do you guys think? Should I get it or not to get? ^^;;

image is from NgeeKhiong

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 3

Yosh! More MG Wing Gundam WISP! Yatta!...

Ive done building this guy last night, only left is the Weapon units and some details (clear parts, panel lining, nubs fixing) ^^

Ive take some WIP pic but only few.. then forgot to take some more -_-;; *sigh*

Here what I do after cutting the nubs off from the part, and sanding it

I sands the parts with direction that shows in the pic above, after some quite experiment, sanding this direction is better than the other way which is sanding against wider part of the nubs, I start sanding using 400grit sandpaper

after that sands it with 800grit and following 1200grit

and finally using sanding cloth 1500grit for finishing, I dont have finishing compound yet, but planning to get one ^^

most of the parts I sanded same way... except theres some are that hard to sand and some nubs are stubborn.. Ill just touch up it with some blue paints/marker ^^;;

ABS part is PITA to clean the nubs, since its kinda stronger material than others but I kinda managed to hide some lol

Bottom part complete! oh forgot the side-skirt lolz

Fullbody shot~!

Close up!

Different angle :D

Height comparison with HG Reborns, lol I didnt notice Wing Gundam is kinda short than average MG ^^;; after read the spec on the box its 16.5m ^^

Not very final thought... lol I have to say.. this is nice kit ^^ the design and feel is nice, love the color scheme.. very colorful altho its only have 4 usual color lol, so far the kit is sturdy.. ^^

I've been thinking what to do with this guy's inner frame.. should I leave it and top coat, or do some minor coloring like dry brush it with some silver color :D... makes it more metal-like feel into it, what you guys think? maybe other suggestion is welcome too, I'm thinking not use too much painting on this kit.. since its my first MG, would like to maintain original feel for it ^^

A lil bit more to go XD, Next will be Weapons Unit WISP or maybe Detailing the MS unit ^^...

Jya ne~~

ps : yeah.. havent started pla-plating Reborns yet .. uguu.. will start soon :P

ps2: currently using my sis's glasses... sometimes my eyes strains a bit... coz the glasses power a bit higher than mine ^^;;



ORZ... I knew this gonna happened soon or later, but did'nt know that it happens this fast!! lol

I just broke my glasses while ago, lol... My glasses fell on the floor and I accidentally stepped on it and it broke in half ORZ ....

Broken glasses
Sayonara, my glasses T_T

Oh well.. I guess its time to have new glasses then ^^;; New Year, New Glasses! lolz

Was suppose to post WISP but I'll just do it tomorrow :P, So tired and stuffs..


Saturday, January 09, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 2

Made a little progress on MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka.. but mananged to build only the wings lol..

As usual, always forgot to take pic while working on this guy *sigh*
Only when done then take pic lolz

Not so many parts on this one.. I thought it would have many parts since it comes with many color.. and building it is quite easy ^^, the wing is so big lol.. I kinda like the design.. very futuristic-ish and colorfull XD...

Building the wings only makes me tired already lol.. I guess will continue it sometimes in a few days ^^

bout the re-paint that I mention in previous WISP, I think I just leave it just like that... only will touch up a bit on the nubs that I failed to remove/hid ^^;; and will top coat it with flat finish ^^.. Bout panel line.. hm.. thinking going panel wash with enamel paint ^^.

What do you guys think which color should I go.. pure black or flat earth color?

Till the next post!

Jya ne~

Friday, January 08, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 3

A tiny progress on Reborns custom >_<;; after dazzling on nendo saber lily lol ^^
enuf makes me kinda forget bout gunplas :P

Did some refining on this guy ^^ so lets just start :D

Sharpened the V-fin, u can see the sharpened one and OOB one ^^

another shot

next I'm using this copic liner to color the eye area.

Done! ^^;;

now on seamlines ^^

modding the head part. First dealing with seams line..

Im using this Tamiya Cement, didnt have thin version, so I'll just go ahead using this..

after apply the cement used clipper to hold the piece and let it dry.

here the result after sanding, and sanding, and sanding ^^;;

next, modding the face peg/connector/what ever u guys called lol

I'll be cutting the peg part,

until I get this ^^

and test fit it into the helmet, at first its just slips in..
it does look somehow really loose but...
after u put the v-fin and put the clear part it will hold it tight
and the face wont be falling off ^^

now dealing with seamlines on other parts

did on the upper arm parts, down is sanded, the other one is cemented,
forgot to take before i cement it lol

Shoulder part

put together but just leave a lil bit gap between it..

apply lightly the cement on it let it runs into the gap...
and press the part together until the cement squeze out.

then sanding all the way after it dries :D

I didnt show all the parts that need to be un-seamlines since its much pretty same way lol.. not much parts need to cement I just do some of it like the weapons, lower arm, etc... the funnels i didnt cement since its pretty much okay without it i guess ^^

well.. more WISP will come, hopefully MG Wing Gundam too .. hehe...

I shall go to sleep nao.. :D *takes saber lily to his bed*

Jya ne~~