Monday, October 19, 2009

More HG 00 Gundam WIP

My first time minor modding on my gunpla kit XD, adding some tiny details on the joints. Its a lil bit messy.. but Its my first time, I think I did pretty okay lol

*Middle click mouse to view larger images in new tab (firefox)*

2nd attempt to stick the pla-plate ^^;; Its kinda hard for first time trying to stick this tiny pla-plate XP

Added some details at the waist part ^^

Ready for airbrushing :D

After ABed all the joint parts, Im trying AB clear gloss coat.. not really sure how much thinner ratio did I used.. forgot bout it ^^;; and the result are pretty decent... tho some parts I didnt AB it well and end up got a bit scratched ToT

I pretty much AB whole joint parts ....

But it seems that I missed the Twin Drive joint DX

Closer look~ *bling bling*

Another one XD, I kinda like the color.. end up taking more pics ^^;;

Details on the thigh/knee parts.. ^^

Test fit and some action pose lol

Kinda noob at posing lol ^^;;

Trying to re-create PG 00 Gundam pose as seen in Ngeekhiong site XD

Different angle and closer shot ^^

Trying different style of holding GN Sword II XD

Standing pose~

Next Im going to adding details on the armors and stuffs then surfacer/prime it while Im thinking bout the color scheme...

Actually the color scheme already in my mind.. not going to reveal soon after I have if finalize lol, still thinking bout it... Im also planning how im going to distribute the color parts which one goes and stuffs ^^ any suggestion on the color scheme or anything else is welcome.. as well as C&C ^^

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

HG 00 Raiser WIP and Some other Stuffs ^^

Finally got some free time ^^;;. So I decided to complete customize my HG 00 Raiser instead... but before that.. some you guys asking what kind of compressor that I use for my Airbrush.. and hows the performance?

Well.. since I bought some cheap china brand.. the compressor is not that expensive its a lil bit less than the Airbrush it self.. I'll just post the images ^^;;

Middle Click the image for larger image in new tab (Firefox)
Airbrush Set - Tiny compressor is Tiny XD

Airbrush mounted ^^

Closer look at the Tiny Compressor

The performance... its really quite decent... the noise not that high.. the air pressure are consistance... altho I need to let it rest for a while after use ^^;;.. For me its already good for me.. for ppl like me that dont have much money to buy better one, its quite satisfied :D

Now move along to some of my tools ^^

Tray 1 - Gaiapaints and Surfacers
Tray 2 - Brushes, Artline, Pen, Markers etc etc.

Tray 3 - Masking Tape, Crocodile Sticks, Paint Trays, Cotton Swabs
Tray 4 - Airbrush, Sanding Block (not using too big lol)

Tray 5 - Laquer Thinners, Flat Clear, Tool Set, Gundam Markers (underneath)
Tray 6 - Compressor, Plastic Clipper, another big Sanding Block ^^;;

oh.. also my DIY Sanding Block that I did while ago lol :D

Finally the real deal ^^ za WIP


all the parts that I need is almost done cutted out from the runners, some parts pending for more sanding and need to remove the seam lines XP.

I leave the O Raiser alone since Im going to use XN kit instead XD, I think I should change the WIP name to XN Raiser or XN 00 Gundam or something hmm...

I'll use the 0 Raiser for my Exia or other kits I think ^^;;. Havent touch the XN kit yet.. Ill go for him right after finish this 00 Gundam.

Now.. I'm testing something for OO Gundam's joint ...


Im using this two Gaianotes Color here, Pure Black Gloss and Star Bright Silver, mixing together with 2:3 paint ratio and 1:3 thinner ratio..

AB test on 00 Gundam's pelvis joint and here the result~

Various angle of the result ^^

Comparison XD

Im trying to re-create Gun Metal like paint, since I dont have the paint yet.. and never really saw how the paint look like.. so yeah... What do you guys think? C&C are welcome ^^

Thats all for now... until next WIP


Thursday, October 08, 2009

V for Victory Gundam

At last!!! Victory Gundam now will be released in Master Grade XD, and its got Version Katoki treatment... Me likey

EDIT - Adding more pictures


Had to post this, since I like this simple yet nice gundam design. All though most of fans wants V2 instead of V1, I think eventually it will come out ^^;;

To be honest.. Victory Gundam was my first Gundam anime, and since that Im hooked with Mecha and Gundam stuffs, the story was okay.. but I hate Uso lol..... anyway.. glad that its coming out after some spams of VS Astray and Gundam 00 ^^;;

More pictures
A little close of the MG Victory Gundam ^^ 
Close up shot, clean design, I like the elbow joint design/details 
More close up with Hexa head, will be included ^^
Comparison with 1/100 HG Victory Gundam, so much different XD

Seperated parts being showed.. I like the details on the leg part XD

Source - NgeeKhiong

Images - Ruli Plamodel, Akibahobby, HobbyStock

Monday, October 05, 2009

Some tiny updates and PG OO Raiser

Its been a while since last post.. been bz with work and stuffs after holiday week ^^;; HG 00 Raiser DC WIP is slowly progressed.. mostly I planning something to do with this kit.. and I decided to give full AB and some details/mod. This guy will be my first victim XD. Other kits will be follow after this.. still got lots planning on those 4 HG kits, Exia, Cherudim, Arios and GN Archer.

Also there will be some change on this blog.. and some other stuff.. Im not gonna tell now.. you guys just wait lol..

now moving to most anticipated PG from Bandai after PG Red Frame :D, PG 00 Raiser...

While ago as usual I surf NgeeKhiong to see whats up on Gunpla news and stuffs.. and saw this



Didnt expect to see the complete colored PG 00 Raiser kit with possible all the stuffs ^^

But it seems there is something not right with this image/sample..

free image hosting
pic taken from Ruli Plamodel forum

Example look at the second pic, the feet... theres missing stuff there..

Also.. is it me or the lower part of 00 Gundam (legs) look kinda big compare it to his upper body.. the shoulder is so tiny.. I dunno, maybe its just me lol

The feet looks only like 2 parts seperated, unlike MG Exia got 3 seperated part on its feet

should the feet got 3 parts like this?

I dunno too, coz I dont have a PG yet.. so I lack of information bout their articulation and stuffs.. maybe.. its also just me XD, so far we see already assembled parts and only tiny glipse (2pic) of completed kit..

I not gonna buy it anyways.. its way over my budget T_T, so I guess I'll wait for MG release then.. hopefully Bandai will release it.. soon enough ^^