Saturday, June 19, 2010

Featured - Sinanju Full Weapon System by Toymaker

Congratulation to Toymaker for winning

I've always been thinking something to make my blog content more than just my WISPs and stuffs... been drafting some ideas in my head since few weeks now... there's bunch of ideas that I think its pretty nice to add into... and some of them is inspired by some of my 'nakama' blogs ^^

Now I think its the right time to start it... and the first one is Featured content.. now a lot of you guys already know what it does, but ill just type it up...

Featured is where that my blog will feature Gundam kits/Modded kits/Figures/Whatever I like (:D) from the net or my nakama blogs, making my blog more interested to be read rather than only my stuffs ^^ and hopefully makes more traffics to the author him/her self ^^

So for the starter... Featuring Gundam Modded Kits,

Featured - Sinanju Full Weapon System by Toymaker

Man.. I just love what he did! Sinanju is already look complex... he making it more complex XD.. I totally jaw dropped when I saw this one..

I like how he did the panel lines, minimal and simple

The armor separation is just outstanding ^^ adding more complexity to the kits

The Butterfly like wing backpack is just splendid XD

Since this is Full Weapon System mode.. It has to double up the armaments XD Dual Rifle, Dual Gattling and Dual Shield ftw lol

The display base is also a nice touch ^^ I like he ground the most :D

You guys can view his Sinanju FWS WIPs and more pictures on his blog here

A bit info on Toymaker, He is a Singaporean, been in this business since 2002 and pretty well known through out the net (Zerogunz, Plamo.outthere etc) One of my inspiring Gunpla modelers, love every kits he did XD.. you guys can visit his blog for more :P

A little update on my GN-X, My camera memory card corrupted, dunno what happened.. so all the images inside are gone.. then I tried to format the card but cannot recognize when inserted into the camera ^^;;..
So another delay for him again ^^;;

Sore ja.. matta ne~


indeed, pure craftsmanship from Toymaker...complex works, like his usual style (im still waiting for his SD Gotaitei Sonken :D)

wha, still cant do update for my..

yeah... trully gunpla meister lol...

sadly yes.. I cant re-take pic since i think the memory card is busted ^^;; I'll try to solve the problem again if I can or else need to buy new memory card ^^;;

Holy shmokes~! That is very uber deliciously nice mod work.
Butterfly-like wings... *nudges zd* Butterflies...

Dedication... *clenches fist*

*nudges back*
hehehe i'd been messing with lots of butterflies lately..

O_o.. new hobby? collecting butterflies lol

You can just stare at this works all day and learn! He has a few of his works displayed at the hobby shop. Whenever i need some inspiration just go down and see hehe :D

Wah... lucky u! I want to see it in person too XD

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