Friday, October 21, 2011

HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal WIP 01 - Snapfit

My fastest snapfit build ever!.....

Another WIP done! this time its HG Gundam AGE-1 Normal. Snapfitted this guy yesterday and surprisingly fast I couldnt believe it lol... Well.. this kit is very easy.. not a bit complex like some HG... a very straight forward build.. and it has only 3 runners XD... done it around 3 hours which is shocking to me lolz

 Body and Head parts - I really like the simplistic of the chest build, the color separation done very well and no need to use color sticker except for the A emblem on the chest. The head separation also quite good, the eye and the red part is separate, the grey area on top of the head also separated, which is very nice..

 The arm part - I really like the elbow joint which is double jointed unlike Jesta, so you can do complete 180 bend, awesome! tho the hand only supplied with 3 type, both closed and one open hand ^^;;

 The leg part - again the joint design is very nice for a HG kit, double jointed knee and the part seperation is pretty nice.. altho theres concern on the ankle guard, it has very weird joint design and it feel insecure and would come off any second ^^;;

 Done snapfit for this guy.. I have to say its a pretty nice kit, has very good articulation, here some pose I took below~

Next for this guy is Sanding, cements, and more lol.. going to repaint like the Jesta.. still thinking on the color scheme..

Thats all for now! Ja!


hmmm by the looks of this dude... he can do some dynamic poses.. .

Awesome, now you can give MOAR focus on your backlogs. XD

 yeah.. still not done with Jesta and AGE tho.. hopefully can do faster than before which is uberslow lol.. then can do other backlogs ^^

*boxes rattling in the background*

"Hey, what about US?"

Nonetheless, the AGE looks nice to play with. o.o

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