Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Early Raya Loot - Blue and White

She is here!

Oujo-sama sanjou!!! LOL

Finally got her after moons of moons waiting lol... She is replacement for Saber Excalibur for August loot, supposely arrive in August but SAL being SAL and it arrive today ^^


This happened... This is the first time happened to me T_T... My Nendo Drossel box all banged up badly.. fortunately theres no broken item inside.. Not sure when it happened, neither when its in the plane when traveling to Malaysia, or when the Postmen carrying it to Terengganu ^^;;... last time was lost and this time banged up.. I have nothing to say ^^;;... Hope this will not happened again in near future ^^;;

On the Nendo Drossel it self.. I like the gloss finish XD... Love her eyes when lit up.. its just beautiful! She have tons of accessories including Fighting Mode and Rocket Mount lol, its make up the face expression since Drossel is expressionless ^^ got bunch of hands option, also the stand is nice.. its pincer type instead of usual nendo stand XD

Along with Nendo Drossel, I also picked up some paints.. especially for skin tone.. I dont want to hassle around mixing paints and ratio.. so I get this one.. Its a collaboration between Kaiyodo and Mr. Color paint set for anime skin tone :D...

BOME Cutie Girls Figure Fresh Color Set

This set got 4 type of anime skin tones.. Carrot Orange, Pale Orange, Milky Peach and Coral Pink

It also has a piece of paper that shows figure coloring example

and manual on skin tone color layering to get various type of skin tone

and for Extra stuffs :P

Nendo Drossel is gonna eat ya!! lol

Theres another loot should coming soon, its a supply for my GNX and tools for my first Resin Kit ^^

And maybe another unexpected loot that not really related into gunpla and stuffs either will arrive before Raya or after.. not sure LOL, nyehehehe

Oh yeah.. To all fellow Muslims around the world either gunpla meister or just passing by visitor ^^
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri~~

Ja ne~


Wow that sucks to have the box dented like that..... The other time I ordered my Faiz and my bro's Den-o, I used SAL too. Maybe I was lucky.... It was in good condition...

I see, it happened to you too ^^;;..

Actually, nendo drossel come with light-up LED eyes... so its not a photoshop.. XD, pretty nice uh~ :D

I think its actually a set of shaded skin tone paints... I;m sure it can be use on gunplas... since its based on same paint type (laquer) lol Haruhi indian version XD

oh crap, my name changed, thx to auto sing-in by twitter... =.=

Owh... the box got banged... >.< It hapenned to me only once- gunpla box. None of my figures arrived has the prob. BTW drossel's eyes= photoshop? they look good. I suck at Phooshopping, not to mention i have no time to learn, and leaving my blog in the lurch at the same time.

So those are paints for figures... I was wondering if gunpla paint can be used on figures, but the main prob is getting the right color for skin. I wanna try on one of my bootleg figure, who knows, one of my bootleg haruhi (school uniform ver.) becomes an indian or african one day LMAO...

^^;; yeah... luckily nothing broken :D

Thanks... Happy Hari Raya to you too :D

I'll faint if I see my nendo box like that!!! Luckily nothing happen to the contents...

Happy Hari Raya by the way!

I think it depends on how it handled.. before was fine until recently ^^;; mostly it just arrived with perfect condition... time to time arrived all banged up.. T_T.. happened to my fellow Malaysian friends here ^^;;

hope this doesnt happen again *prays* >_<;;

lol.... Shana is just coincident being there.. looking for her melon-pan ^^

hehe me too XD

I;ve been using SAL ever since Amiami starts providing it ^^;; before this happened, It was all fine, nothing banged up or missing... I think that Its my country's Post service that sucks, even the box clearly says 'fragile' =_=''.. What if even I use EMS, it end up the same way like this? ^^;; I can wait 7~10 days for cheaper shipping ^^

Haha.. lol yeah thankfully ^^;;

lol.. very revealing XD


oh my, how hard that little one wants to be free..

the alien robot army is spreading, when there is one in every home... armageddon begins! Shana seems to be aware of that haha :P

nice skin tone paints, i like the girl in the red in those examples :3

Why use SAL when u can choose EMS ? its better to pay extra as long as you get it fast.... or so I think....

Nandatto~! Yet ANOTHER one had joined the nendrossel army~! XD
Luckily only the box that was banged-up and not the content... v_v

My my my... The box for the skin-tone paint is... *goho*... v_v

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