Tuesday, January 05, 2010

First loot of the year

At last! she haz arrived lol... my first nendoroid!!

And she is Saber Lily :P, I wonder how many of you guess it right? :P

Saber is my first favorite character, altho this is Lily version which is in Fate/Unlimited Codes games, as long its Saber I dont mind lolz, I havent play the game, but ever since I saw its Anime, Fate/Stay Night, long time ago (2006?) I love Saber! XD.. I have been resisted countlessly on her Revoltechs, Figmas version untill recently been poisoned by fellow nakama into Nendoroid haha..

One word what I can say - THE HEAD IS HUGE!! lol... As expected from GSC altho its my first figure and first time from GSC ^^;;.. The paint job its superb, love the color, the feel also good XD, I had nothing else to say, GSC Saiko!!!

uh?? are~? where did she go?

Saber : jiiiiiiii~
Me : ..........

Saber : Are you my master?
Me : yes! I am! *cat eyes*

Saber : No..... you not Shirou *hits camera*
Me : T_T

lol... I dont have much idea, since im kinda excited :P

Favorite pose!! KAWAI~

What is ur first nendo, come share~~ ^^


finnaly she arrived congrtas welcome to the dark side now it's official LOL
what onnnanoko in your house said ^^;; ???

@tsukinari samsung Lcd spotted
are you left handed ?? (just my ques and curious with the mouse you put in left)

@moemoekyun - ^^, thanks, well I saved her from being abused... they all said cute except my mom lol.. ^^;;

yeah samsung lcd 22" 2233sw model ^^, yes im lefthanded, but I use mouse right hand lol, just put there so I get some room infront of the lcd ^^

Saber Lily!!!! *.* Ugh...poisoned...*falls flat on the floor*

@plutonian revolver he must be don't mind to exchange his nendo with your mio :P

Welcome to the dark side brother :D

My first nendo is Maritan haha ^^ Your collection will never be the same again after this...so hehe whats the next one??

congrats!! Lol i said the same thing with my first nendo which was Saber Lion! HUGE head is HUGE! :D

p.s. welcome to the darkside! im going to add you to the blogroll ^^

Your wallet will never be as full as it was before after this... or should I say bank account? >.>

"Now, you have a new companion!"
"Will you give a nickname to 'Saber Lily'?"
>She'd kill me if I do

no nendo for me yet. would have bought this nendo saber lily if i fail to get the 1/7 scale figure.

have you recieve your exia? this nendo is released much later than exia...

you like saber? then you better check out the coming 1/7 scale gsc saber - the promised sword of victory excalibur. you should try the game as well if you own a ps2.

I liked the Saber lily Distant Avalon figure, but the price is equivalent to that of a PG Strike... T_T

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