Wednesday, January 20, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 4

Alright... next WISP Wing Gundam ver Ka... sorry Reborns u have to wait a lil bit more lolol

This WISP will focus on clear parts of MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka...

Click the image to view larger image in new tab

First lets starts with Head clear parts ...

Will be using metalic (like) marker and Copic Modeller pen

Paint on the back of the clear part

I tried using Copic pen for black part of the eyes but faild miserably lol

Instead I'll be using this paint - Tamiya Ename Paint X-1 Black

and using this Zippo lighter feul for thinning enamel paint

used stir stick and mix the paint, not using any ratio, I just randomly put it lol..

Painted using smallest point brush that I have.. and cleaned a bit on the eyes part...

Test fit, hm.. too dark lol.. also painted green metallic on the v-fin part

Next - clear part on the arms

Same like before.. painted back of the clear part

Test fit and It look okay ^^

another shot

Chest orb clear part

Also painted back of the clear parts..

Looks nice~~~

I think thats all for the clear parts of this kit, didnt check weapons unit has or not.. too lazy to open the box lolol

Here some of extra pic with clear parts done ^^

Hopefully next will be Reborns WISP, if not will be either MG Wing Gundam's weapons unit or panel wash... We will see which one later on lol...

I'm thinking going to get finish my first MG Wisp before my next loot arrive lol... (due 1.5month maybe) then move to Reborns WISP or maybe starts on next MG project lol... gonna plan it ahead ^^;;

Thats all for now...

Jya.. ne~


you getting skilfull mate :D
zippo are you smoke ?

The eyes are abit dark. Maybe next time try silver on the back and clear green in front?

The eyes are too dark. Needs to be *ZING* (shiny) or else it won't look intimidating. XP

Otherwise, the other clear parts looks very nice. Good job! *thumbs up*

lol... I do do paint my kits, but always lazy to paint the eyes...

@moemoekyun - thanks ^^, lol no.. im not smoking.. bought zippo for souly use thinning enamel paint ^^

@chubbybots - yeah.. noticed that..thanks for suggestion :D will fix it up ^^,

@CD - yeah.. ahaha... ^^;; thanks :D

@marzz - thanks bro!

@EXkurogane - lol... well I usually use the foil sticker for the eyes even I hate foil stickers lol.. this time gonna try to paint it.. but seems thats still need to fix it ^^

panel lining? more panel lining, can i erase some seamlines?? *drool* LoL

like Syful said, more panel lining! :D. I love gunpla that turn into something nicely painted.

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