Friday, January 15, 2010

Get it or not to get!?

Just saw this on NK, Delfing plamo kit by Kotobukiya from manga/soon to be anime movie Break Blade/Broken Blade..

I've been followed the manga (altho its only a few chapters lol) Im kinda like it a bit... Given the 'Golem' designs are nice... and also the mechanical designer is Takayuki Yanase-sama which also one of mechanical designers in Gundam Double O..

I'll skip the Break Blade/Broken Blade synopsis, im sure u can find it somewhere on net lol (actually im lazy to type :P)... The first plamo kit from this manga will be Delfing, main character's 'Golem' which is the design is awesome.. I like the back design that resemble a broken blade also on his head ^^ which is probably why the manga name is Break Blade/Broken Blade :D..

While I like the mecha designs and stuffs.. whats bothers me is the maker of the plamo kit.... Kotobukiya ^^;;... From what I heard and saw from my fellow 'nakama' on their Kotobukiya's kit.. theres so much problem with the kit and stuffs.. reading those makes me think twice to buy this brand v_v... I almost buy AC kits but luckily kinda hold off because of the price tag XD lol ...

Now this guy is going out soon and Kotobukiya doing it ... makes me in dillema again uguuu...

So what do you guys think? Should I get it or not to get? ^^;;

image is from NgeeKhiong


two word: *snap* *snap* wahahahha

actually I never had any koto kits before so I'm just randomly commenting here ^^ xD

Having build one from their AC line(gave up...), and 2 from their zoids line, I must say they are very testing on my patience but with lots of cement and a bit of modding they turned out quite alright. Its something like building with bootleg plastic plus ,not so fantastic engineering but very very awesomely detailed kits.

Articulation wise they are very good for the zoid lines, and from the look of this picture its seems likewise too. (But the old SRW kits articulation are really terrible...)

I would say go for it and try it out. It is challenging but seeing the complete kit infront of you after months of work is very rewarding :D

Take the challenge man!

oh snap :P

ive had no experience with koto kits but i would pass on this, still havent read the manga and it doesnt look like too much of a dynamic kit. maybe wait for reviews then decide? just my opinion ^^

I've heard Kotobukiya kits are not as durable as Bandai, joints break easily. On the bright side, Kotobukiya kits emphasize on detail and has minimal stickers, sometimes not even one and you get the exact details. Given the price, 3675yen, it's worth considering it since it's not that pricey, as long as you are interested... ^^;

@moemoekyun - lolz get spams

@bd77 - oh snap! just remember ur koto's kit ^^;;

@faddy - lol XD

@chubbybots - whoa... thats kinda bad ^^;;,, but yeah.. their kit got tons of details ^^ hehe.. I guess I take the challenge then :P

@rockleelotus - not sure bout the kit since its still on introduction, In manga the mecha was very cool, maybe waiting for reviews is a good choice... well see then ^^

@EXkurogane - yeah... the plastic quality not that good, hehe... still got time to decide 4 more months lol

@kaymaroo - lol, havent seen u yet here.. thanks for visiting ^^

GET if you really want in your heart if koto kit is crappy it's doesn't matter if you want it and don't regret after all it's your own decision

Even since i started building gunpla 5 years+ ago i have broken, like 2 dozens of gunpla (luckily, all all them HGs, except for MG I.Justice which i successfully repaired with spare parts) so i don't think i'd bet on a koto kit. Havent broken anything for the past 1 year now (as experience gains) but i have a clumsy sister and an ignorant mother at home... =.=

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