Monday, January 25, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 4

Finally... Reborns WISP lol, I guess now its time to change workaround on Reborns ^^ he gets a less love last time.. XD

Well.. this time I didnt take much WISP coz my camera battery died... lol so I'll cover up only a bit.. which is creating panel-lining on the kit ^^

First.. I drew some sketches to design panel line on some white paper ^^... Drew some design and choose this one as my final, tho I changed a bit when doing the panel-lining ^^;;

Im using this tool... its china brand.. dunno what it called but I guess its called Pen Scriber? hm... very sharp... can ninja kill someone lol

Working on one part of the shoulder... but I failed at first lol.. I use Chubbybots trick.. but somehow my hand always slipped ^^;;.. cover it up with surfacer 500 coz i dont have putty yet.. need to buy one huhu... Didnt take the rest of shoulder parts coz i forgot

Then did the Front Skirt part.. also forgot to take the yellow piece too orz

Move on the Chest part... draw first on the kit... but it tend to rubbed of ~_~

Done scribe the first line on the chest part lol.. almost perfect ne? ^^

Making panel lining kinda make me tired.. lots lots time to take to make it near to perfect and straight line lol ^^;;

Take some pics after assembled test, notice the grey line parts... thats the miss scribe that I mentioned.. covered with surfacer 500 ^^;;

Front Skirt part view ^^, really like it ^^ see that miss scribe again orz

Next will be doing more panel lining, and add some pla-plate for more details ^^

Until next post!

Jya ne~


nice tsuki hmm gonna get pen like that too it's like on youtube pro tutorial

Nice. The way you wrote this post gives me quite a clear picture on how to do it. *_*
Gonna have to find that pen. Want to do some scribing as well. XP

Arg, I can't compete with panel-line scribing! >.<

Nice work, can't wait to see more.

Practice makes perfect dude :D Keep the lines coming ^^. Kudos for doing so many at one shot lol..even I don't there to try so many haha.

@moemoekyun - wow didnt realize it.. lol.. well theres some type of scriber.. this one is the cheapest lol.. and beware it super sharp.. u might ninja kill someone lol

@CD - thanks.. I suppose to take how I make the panel line.. but... the battery died uguu...

@flalessexa - no.. im still noob.. this was my second try ^^;;, thanks for visiting btw ^^

@chubbybots - yes! moar practice! XD, lol.. I thought I did only little.. ^^;;

Hmm... I used shortcut methods to scribe panel lines on though i have to be careful. As usual, sketched on the gunpla with pencil, then, carve out the lines directly with a slightly blunt penknife... xD It still works anyway...

That's nice panel lines! And it's your first try!
When I scribed panels for the first time, I used a sewing needle and masking tape. The result was horrible :D

Wow nice one for your first try. Chubb showed me the scriber pen before, it is damn sharp and really can be use as flying needles xD

Your reborns definitely seems better now. For the unwanted lines, you can use surfacer 1000 to fill it instead of putty :)

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