Tuesday, January 12, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 3

Yosh! More MG Wing Gundam WISP! Yatta!...

Ive done building this guy last night, only left is the Weapon units and some details (clear parts, panel lining, nubs fixing) ^^

Ive take some WIP pic but only few.. then forgot to take some more -_-;; *sigh*

Here what I do after cutting the nubs off from the part, and sanding it

I sands the parts with direction that shows in the pic above, after some quite experiment, sanding this direction is better than the other way which is sanding against wider part of the nubs, I start sanding using 400grit sandpaper

after that sands it with 800grit and following 1200grit

and finally using sanding cloth 1500grit for finishing, I dont have finishing compound yet, but planning to get one ^^

most of the parts I sanded same way... except theres some are that hard to sand and some nubs are stubborn.. Ill just touch up it with some blue paints/marker ^^;;

ABS part is PITA to clean the nubs, since its kinda stronger material than others but I kinda managed to hide some lol

Bottom part complete! oh forgot the side-skirt lolz

Fullbody shot~!

Close up!

Different angle :D

Height comparison with HG Reborns, lol I didnt notice Wing Gundam is kinda short than average MG ^^;; after read the spec on the box its 16.5m ^^

Not very final thought... lol I have to say.. this is nice kit ^^ the design and feel is nice, love the color scheme.. very colorful altho its only have 4 usual color lol, so far the kit is sturdy.. ^^

I've been thinking what to do with this guy's inner frame.. should I leave it and top coat, or do some minor coloring like dry brush it with some silver color :D... makes it more metal-like feel into it, what you guys think? maybe other suggestion is welcome too, I'm thinking not use too much painting on this kit.. since its my first MG, would like to maintain original feel for it ^^

A lil bit more to go XD, Next will be Weapons Unit WISP or maybe Detailing the MS unit ^^...

Jya ne~~

ps : yeah.. havent started pla-plating Reborns yet .. uguu.. will start soon :P

ps2: currently using my sis's glasses... sometimes my eyes strains a bit... coz the glasses power a bit higher than mine ^^;;


Ooh, the Ver. Ka looks quite nice so far. Yeah, its pretty short but that shouldn't be much of a problem, ne (Victory is even shorter)? XP

As for the inner frame, maybe you should go with silver, preferably try to make it shiny. Don't make the layer too think though, you can guess the implications yourself. >.>

let me ques you haven't build the shield and riffle :P

Hmm actually just flat coat the inner frame will do :D Keep the inner frame clear so that the decals will stand out later ^^

Did you get new glasses? If not you could build gunpla without glasses? XD

Hmm... Wing Ver Ka is actually that short, and it's worse for MG Victory. I will never buy MG Victory or else people will just mistake it for a HGUC... and you guessed it -ultra thin parts (even the inner frame and connecting pegs) are waiting for disaster to happen... break break break...

A nice looking kit i must say. You haven't built its buster rifle yet? And about your glasses... That's sad...

@bd77 - thanks ^^

@CD - yep its nice, lol victory shorter than wing D: lol.. hehe thanks for the suggestion.. not sure gonna full painting it yet... still in consideration ^^;;

@moemoekyun - lol I did said didnt build the weapon units yet right? lol

@chubbybots - oh yeah.. I completely forgot bout the decals.. haha ^^;;

@Exkurogane - not yet ... currently using my sister's ^^. lol I'm sure my eye will be like this =.= when building gunpla without glasses lol... Wow... so Bandai really sacrifice the stability, articulation for complete transformation MG V gundam ... wooo... thankfully Im holding back for it and waiting for V2 ^^;;

@Marzz - yes its nice~~~... not yet... ^^ thanks ^^ gotta get new one soon :)

Wing ver Ka is very colourful compared to normal Wing Custom.
I still think wheter to choose ver Ka or Wing Custom

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