Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Golden Knight

 Thats blinds you!~......

Its been a while... with new loots :D.. this arrived about 2 days ago... only within 8 days from the days that Amiami ships it ... I wonder why so fast since its SAL... that suppose to take like 2 or 3 weeks just like my Sinanju SAL from Hobby Search.. maybe its just my luck that the item arrives so soon.. the parcel was in good condition though... but they dont use the card boxy thinggy like my Super Saber now.. just usual free blank papers :D... both did a good job on securing the item anyways :D

Alright moving to the loots.. Yep.. I got this shiny guy! Its from a Japanese Tokusatsu series called Makai Knight : Garo :D.. I watched this series not long ago.. like 5 years ago (2005).. The series is quite dark and more to mature audience.. not like those other usual tokusatsu.. which why I kinda like it.. I dont want to talk more bout it.. you guys can read more info bout this series at wikipedia or jdrama wiki ^^

I'll just dump some of the images here.. its not many only few.. after choosing which better images out of many images until my cameras batteries died (used normal batteries <_<, and the camera sucks the energy too fast lol)
I just love the details XD
The Box is pretty cramped and small ^^;;

Compared to HGUC Sinanju Box

I dont really only buy this all the way from Japan you know :P... this one is just extra from actual loot :P

Yeap... I got this guy.. and I dont even finish or touch MG Exia and MG GN-X yet ... orz... more backlogs!! >_<;;

..and this is where I put all my gunpla box :D

and its right behind my workstation/pc ^^

No pic of Sinanju WIP yet.. I will post it when I finish snapfit it or when I finish sanding all the nubs and stuffs... sorry for taking so much time.. 1 month to go!



GARO~! Wow... All the way from Japan.

Wait, those ARE your unfinished kits right, in them boxes?...

Hang on, I hear something menacing...

chant: built me! built me! built me! built me! built me! built me!

Yeah...all the way from Japan.. and its an extra loot.. the main is the MG 00Q... weird why Garo become the main of this blog post lolol...

the front one u see ... yeah.. the back one already finish/snapfit/in the shelf.. ^^;;

LOL.. thats what I feels everyday behind me >_<;;


Garo! Heard about it... Must watch it sometime.

You put them in your shop? Becareful that later some random robber come in and rob your MG Qant[t] instead of your com parts. XD

I wish to have my own shop too...

oho~ so this is the shiny guy.

im surprised that no one noticed "that"

NICE LOOTS.. i was tempted to get Garo too.. especially when there's the other silver guy.. sorry, cos i have not watched any Garo episodes yet. but they do look really nice!

lolx.. i think i have alot more backlogs den you.. and tt's really not a good sign. LOLx im so screwed..

wow, a kiwami garo! That's a limited item isn't it?
Agreed, garo is a very nice toku series.

Watch it! its a nice tokusatsu series... ^^ altho I need to find the movie of it .. XD

its my dad's shop which is I'm currently living and helping him in the CC, lol the area is restricted so no one can go in there except me :D.. lol

hehe.. mabushi desu~

notice what? *has no idea whats going on*

Thanks.. ah.. Zero the Silver Fanged Knight :D, Im getting him too and the other guy, Dan the Midnight Sun XD.. when they going to announce Kiba the Dark Fang Knight ^^

haha.. I'm screwed too >_<;;

Actually its a regular release... there will be another 2 Garo character Release in Dec 2010 and Jan 2011

Nice Garo, Really waiting to watch the movie T_T

by the way i feel his neck a bit to long.

GARO! After seeing the cosplay performance during the AFAX last month and seeing this very figures makes me want to watch the series and maybe get that SIC Kiwami. o.o
Argh! MG 00 Qan[T]! Do want. *still waiting for it to come over to the local shop* XP

Unfinished kits: JIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII~! >:(


lol I Jiiiii back at them XD

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