Monday, September 20, 2010

After Raya Loot - Noble Phantasm

~Triumphant Excalibur~...

She arrived today and it took about 3 days (16-19) with EMS XD

Bought her from with total price 10,000 yen including shipping (approx RM 370) it was pretty worth deal.. Really love this pvc XD

Lets open it! as expected for Amiami, they love giving free papers ^^

The Box was pretty huge.. and I love the box design and finishing... *bling* *bling* XD

Take her out.. and she is secured by 3 of this wire thinggy ^^ very nice

After opened the plastic thinggy.. I literally jaw dropped... I have nothing to say lol.. I'll just let the pics says it all

*pics spam!*

Awesome Saber PVC.... I just love every detail on her XD, the base is pretty nice too ^^

Epic one for being my first PVC XD.. cant wait for Dark Saber/Saber Alter PVC :D

oh my, its near 3.00 am .. been taking pics like mad man LOL, only some uploaded XD

Time to sleep then,

Sore ja... until next loot O_o lol


oh my, excellent choice for your first PVC i must say! welcome to the $$$ pvc world lol love the details on her and the effects on the sword.

yeah.. its big... overall height is around 25cm XD

Thanks ^^, haha $$$ pvc world ^^;; yeap.. I love it too :D

Woah! Looks like you you are gonna start spending big.... How much did you pay, including EMS shipping?

haha yeah.. wallet bleeds hard >_<;;.. Total inlcuding EMS is 10,000 yen (RM370) as stated in the post ^^;;

wooohh a PVC Figure! Nice one!

Gunplas : Stop staring at her~! FINISH US!!!

Oh ma gadd that loooks sahweeet!!! D:

It's a good thing I'm not that interested in fixed PVCs yet.. but but..the pictures ..badly!! ;_; damn you tsuki!!!

hehe.. yeah.. I heard that some got arm hides her mouth... mine was same.. >_<

I knew it... >.< It's a pity that her left arm blocked off half her face though, if not she'd be perfect to me

OMG....this is too poisonous.....
first PVC, mufufufufu, you will fall to the dark side ^^

Cant wait for Dark Saber pcv XD
yeap... I fell into the dark side indeed >_<

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