Friday, January 08, 2010

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 3

A tiny progress on Reborns custom >_<;; after dazzling on nendo saber lily lol ^^
enuf makes me kinda forget bout gunplas :P

Did some refining on this guy ^^ so lets just start :D

Sharpened the V-fin, u can see the sharpened one and OOB one ^^

another shot

next I'm using this copic liner to color the eye area.

Done! ^^;;

now on seamlines ^^

modding the head part. First dealing with seams line..

Im using this Tamiya Cement, didnt have thin version, so I'll just go ahead using this..

after apply the cement used clipper to hold the piece and let it dry.

here the result after sanding, and sanding, and sanding ^^;;

next, modding the face peg/connector/what ever u guys called lol

I'll be cutting the peg part,

until I get this ^^

and test fit it into the helmet, at first its just slips in..
it does look somehow really loose but...
after u put the v-fin and put the clear part it will hold it tight
and the face wont be falling off ^^

now dealing with seamlines on other parts

did on the upper arm parts, down is sanded, the other one is cemented,
forgot to take before i cement it lol

Shoulder part

put together but just leave a lil bit gap between it..

apply lightly the cement on it let it runs into the gap...
and press the part together until the cement squeze out.

then sanding all the way after it dries :D

I didnt show all the parts that need to be un-seamlines since its much pretty same way lol.. not much parts need to cement I just do some of it like the weapons, lower arm, etc... the funnels i didnt cement since its pretty much okay without it i guess ^^

well.. more WISP will come, hopefully MG Wing Gundam too .. hehe...

I shall go to sleep nao.. :D *takes saber lily to his bed*

Jya ne~~


muahhahaha big boss appear good job dude

Looks good so far. =)
Can't wait to see it painted.

Hoho. Finally you started on Reborns. Was wonder when you're going to do it.

nice work on removing the seamlines... so smooth :D

Oh I love sharp V fins :D So sharp I want to touch....ouch!!!

Haha good work on the face mod ^^ Looking forward to next WIP!

the original color scheme looks very nice.
but you just have to mod it...*sign*

btw, gonna follow your "tutorial" on building my hg

@moemoekyun - lol thanks,

@CD - thanks, me too cant wait ^^

@bd77 - hehe only little progress ^^;;

@rockleelotus - thanks, im using 400 then 800 then 1200 grit sandpaper after that used sanding cloth 1500 grit ^^

@chubbybots - yes sharp v-fin looks awesome than usual OOB one hehe... lol

@00 hater - yeah actually its really nice, ^^;; thanks, hope my 'tutorial' helps ^^

whats all the yellow things? does it come with the gundam too?

Syful - yellow? at the forhead, shoudler? yeah.. it comes with the gundam.. its quite lighter yellow

Looking great I just recently finished mine and its actually my first gunpla HG, I did a repaint in black and white.

check it out and tell me what u think.

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