Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bleach Episode 230 - Unexpected Supprise XD

I just finished watching Bleach 230 right after back from work lolz.

Wow... I wasnt expected this filler arc will be awesome for its starting episode XD. What a brilliant idea for the plot, who knows that ur Zanpakuto can betray you!! XP.

I guess Kubo-sensei really put some nice supervising for this filler arc, the new character is awesome! Kazeshini is baddass with his awesome laugh lol. Tobiume, Sode no Shirayuki and Haineko is WIN! Senbonzakura and Hyorinmaru designs is simply godly :P

I really like most of the Zanpakuto materialization designs.. All though these are not their True identity (as Zabimaru is baboon+snake and Hyorinmaru is ice dragon), In this filler their appearance more like human due Muramasa influences (i think, more like Muramasa's ver :P)

The awesome Hyorinmaru and Senbonzakura~

I think Muramasa is the baddest filler villain all time :P, got this Ulqiorra feeling and some Aizen confidence looking thinggy XD

Most of the scenes are got this movie like feelings... drawing is good, animation is awesome, I like the battle sequence between Renji and Byakuya ^^, some humor on Hitsugaya and Matsumoto :), cant wait for next ep ^^

I feel kinda weird right now.. Its rare that filler arc starting esp are excited like this one.. Its been a while since I'm excited to watch Bleach eps (since i also read manga). This filler arc definitely going to be much more better than Bounto arc and Amagai arc together ^^. Hope this continues~ Kudos to Studio Pierrot and Kubo-sensei~~

This episode make my day after tired of work's OT and stuffs >_<;;

I really need some free time to continue my gunplaing, uguu~~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sudden meal :P

'Hey, I spot McD! lets go in!! Ojamashimasu~~ XD'

'Yes... gonna eat it all~!! ^^;; Itadakimasu~ nom nom nom'
did i say i like chili sauce alot?

'Gochisousama deshita~~'

My 5th refill :D

some random shot before leaving... pretty nice decorated, like the style ^^

Was gone out eating after back from work's OT lol. Then back to home and head to bed, so tired ^^;;

Friday, July 24, 2009

Macro Studio - Do It Yourself ^^

As you can see above, I didnt really like the shot i took, also the lighting are not that good, didnt really use better light since i dont know how. Im really noob at photograph >_<

I have been searching on net bout cheap way to have professional looking photograph for my gunpla stuffs. Found a way on some website, they called it Macro Studio. What exactly is Macro Studio?

Well.. its pretty much like the big photograph studio just the different is, this one are used for photograph small things. Here some sites that i found that shows you how to do it yourself building Macro Studio~

Cardboard type Macro Studio

Pipe type Macro Studio

I choose to make Macro Studio using pipe which is more stable and durable ^^

My setup, using normal home lamp instead flash lamp >_<

here are my result on HG Arios

I dont like foil sticker >_<, still waiting for my paints to arrive T_T

Not the best pose, but the DIY Macro Studio did the job.. i like how the lighting are.. might put another light on the other side to eliminate shadows there,

Some other test photo~~

Panasonic AA Batteries... come with my LZ8 camera when I bought it ^^

Yes... its my glasses ^^

my 'nasakenai' cellphone... pretty much banged up there >_<;;
Using Halogen lamp I found (yellow), when took the photo it has a lil bit redish
edited it in Photoshop ^^;;

I really need to buy tripod, my hand shakes all the way taking photos lol.

Thats all for today..

next will be WIP on HG 00 Raiser DC, also going to add some finishing on my other gunpla >_< huhu

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bleach - New Filler Arc begins next week >_<;;

Just marathon-ed few eps of Bleach (220 - 229) ^^;;

Darn.. it was just the time im feeling excited after a while since Gotei 13 battles then they switch to Ichigo vs Ulquiorra at ep 226. After a long time waiting for it, then when i watch at the end of the eps (preview) they getting some rest on that manga arc for a while and air filler eps instead >.<, I was so 'in fury'~~~ ^^;;

Next week they will be new Filler arc for Bleach ^^;; a few eps before (ep 227-229) just some random warm up eps after the manga arc hold point.. Somehow my 'fury' feeling kinda fly away a bit lol coz ep 228 is beach eps!! woot lol.. funny yet hawt eps there~ ^^

Next Anime marathon coming is Basquash and Cross Game ^^

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Review Part 7 and Part 8~ EDITED

EDIT - Part 8 (Weapons) are now available - click here for more images

Yeap.. Gunpla Secret Base just finished part 7 of MG Exia Ignition Mode review~

The new pelvis joint mechanism~ now its going up and down instead of forward and backward ^^


Front Skirt part.. really got nice improvement there

Back Skirt, the GN-Beam Sword holder can move around :D

Completed whole MG Exia body.. me luv it~

Some action pose :D

Next up will be Weapon review (part 8) :P

Nice detailed and seperated parts for GN-Blades *bling* my eyes!~ *bling*

Improved connector for GN-Blades - add more sturdy grip and give more free movement ^^

just a few more days till MG Exia will be released in Japan.. hopefully i will get mine fast >_<
*rolls around*

For more images head up to official review site here

All images are from Gunpla Secret Base

Haruhi (2009) Ep 16 - More Endless Eight! >_<;;

Yay!!! more Endless Eight~ Riiigghhtt

Pretty much same like all past Endless Eight eps.. lol, but never bored with new animation XD, Yuki seems to get cuter each every E8 eps :P. Also got some slow motion animation :D

I dont know why KyoAni even bother to make so much Endless Eight eps with new animation and stuffs >_<, such odd way of marketing strategy? saaa......

Anyway.. E8 MUST END NEXT EPISODE!! gaha..

some screenies~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Features Launched @ Bandai Hobbysite

Its a bout time.. full list of unique features of MG Exia Ignition Mode


Multi-colored runners thanks to latest molding technology, u dont have to manualy color most of parts~ hehe ^^

Chrome plated for GN-Swords tip *bling bling*

Inner frame sliding parts enables more pose possibility~ LOVE IT~ XD

A must for Master Grade kits... Pilot figure!! and also included HARO!!

One of a kind.. Back LED for GN-Drive and front LED for Chest orb enable glow like text effects!! LED Switch are operate buy twisting the middle of the GN-Drive ^^

Like the Normal mode, included with 'GN-Cap' and GN-Drive holder ^^

2 Separate part for GN-Condenser for both Hand and Leg part, Special resin-treated hologram sheet for GN-Cable/Cord, Text engraved on the Chest orb using Laser processing! O_o *speechless*

Also included decals ^^

Included only in Ignition Mode... Exia Repair convension kits, awesome moveability for the cape enable more awesome pose possibility~!! *drools*

Last part... same as Normal Mode... improved articulation, forward and backward lean, 2 point shoulder articulation, revolutionary up and down pelvis joint, and improved front skirt joint!

Definitely awesome! all I can say is... its a Must Buy kit! love all those features!! In my opinion this 'might' be the best MG to date XD....

All image are from Bandai Hobbysite