Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Member Nyan~ :P

She did something that never been seen before :D

Apparently Shana has forgotten her melon pan, thanks to Azunyan~ :D
and.. Azunyan can transform into Azunyan #2!! lol

This is my new lost-and-found loot lol.. ^^;; love the details and stuffs the amplifier looks ver nice.. the guitar too.. of course azunyan #2 XD

also I've bought new SD card for my camera lol... Next, 2 more big loots :D nyehehehe

That's all for now.. ja~


its time for 'jamming' session.....Yeah~

HOLY~! You ALSO get yourself Azu-nyan?! Only left is Ritsu and Mugi then (as Mr Ninja has Mio and me has Yui).

Hopefully your place is not as chaotic as mine (with fights, hostage-taking and such).

Lost and found? The one that got sent to the wrong address?

yeap hehehe.. I wonder who will get the rest :D.. lol Mr. Ninja xD..

haha.. my place will be always in peace, everyone is nice here.. except one that always looking for something lol

hehe.. soon more will be seeing Azunyan gekisou ^^

yeap.. the one that got into wrong hand ^^;;

Seems like everyone is getting azunyan, when I did not even care at all lol... Ok, Not surprised how panicked you became over the Pos issue -everyone wants azunyan... XD

I am also planning big for this month's loot, just a single loot. Later, maybe late July, and defying my parent's sanctions at all costs, like how Iran defies USA... XD

yeah.. I noticed that too :D, Well.. she is super cute + nekomimi, I ditched Kochiya Sanae (from Touho) after saw GSC announced Azunyan lolol ^^;;.. of course la.. if something not that value to me I wouldn't panic like crazy ^^

hehe.. one of them BIG, i mean literally... XD.. and another one I ninja PO after saw it :P... wooo.. cant wait what rare item you will get nyehehe.. lol warui musuko da!~ XD

Henshin cat...LOL yeah!

I still dont remeber that cat from the series.

What the!!! I was expecting some kamen rider after the henshin lol!!! Argh...poisonous neko...luckily I am resisting well!!!!

Or maybe i should ninja click lol......meow.....

the cat was in the first season.. when Azunyan taking care of her friend's cat... and it got named Azunyan #2 lol... forgot which eps tho ^^

lol Kamen Rider Neko XD.. get get get lol..

haha ninja click XD

shana is being tamed by azunyan XD
cat that turns into me of something I cannot remember....

LOL tamed by azunyan hahahaha..
hm.. me too O_o

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