Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Spade and The Silver Fanged Knight

 Early new year loots :D

Arrived from amiami using Registered SAL as usual within 1 week (20 Dec ~ 27 Dec), pretty fast for a SAL shipment... as expected from amiami.. This is somewhat and extra loots btw.. got extra cash and ninja order 'The Spade' since I pre-ordered 'The Silver Fanged Knight' ^^..

Here a lil skit that I made ^^;;

The boxes~

I got this KR Blade at 880 yen (RM33) which is pretty cheap :D... while the Zero is 1160 yen (RM44) and the shipping cost is around 800 yen (RM 30~)...

Next month will be another Action Figure loot for me XD.. damn been poisoned by them these few months lol

Ah yes.. Sinanju right.. well.. its still waiting to be painted.. some of it need more sanding after cementing.. I think will not going to post WIP.. just only last of the build maybe will post.. then the finished post will come after that.. ^^;;

Thats all for now guys.. and I'll say this again lol...

Happy New Year 2011!! XD



LOL~! Blade was left behind by the knights. XD

Wait... mobile phone? Keeping with the times, eh?

Cool loots for early 2011. And Happy New Year.


Its not just any mobile phone! its an White Iphone! XD

Thanks.... Happy New Year to you too.. mind exchange bloglist?

oh hoi~ moar get XD dang, cliffhanger there, you better finish up this story XD

Lol....both of them don't know blade :P Wait he goes king form and own them :P

Happy new year man!

hehe... more coming this January 2011 LOL.... EP2 soon :D

Haha... well.. they are from different universe XD... hey did u read my mind lol... was thought using that idea but not owning them.. its something else lol, will get that King form soon when I got chance lol...

Happy New Year to you too!

I've been poisoned by SHFs lately D:

Wonder if they'll make an SHF of blade one day..wanna try and collect all the main kamen riders xD

Damn good loots! I hope I can get blade someday.... But I don't see me getting the King Form easily.... It is too popular! Prices have already shooted up to SGD 30++ I even saw it selling at SGD 40+

I can see that lol I want SHF too but I'll starts with Kiwami first XD coz its cheap lol

SHF Blade woo.. I'll try to collect some of my fav main KR XD

Thanks.. I'm sure u will get it soon or later :D.. same here.. King Form sells like hot cakes lol.. wow that high >_<;;


yeah.. direct from japan, I order it from

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