Tuesday, January 25, 2011

HGUC Sinanju Custom WISP 4 - Rouge Sinanju

Another short post with 1 image ^^;;.......

Finally after long (not really, only a few days) hiatus to finish this guy, I manage to paint the main armors of this guy, and test fit it... since I only paint outer side of the armors the inner side is remain default red color... I'm thinking to paint the inner side with Gundam Grey Marker see how it goes... ^^

As u can see the missing parts in this picture is pending/in painting process.. the weapons will be use a slightly bluish gun-metal color and some other parts with respective color, vent and tank will be painted white etc...

There will be something coming up soon or later, perhaps early next month... I will not reveal what it is, just stay tune XD.. the keyword is GRAY lol...

Thats all for now...



ohhh he is looking very good! the color kinda reminds me of sherbet ice cream :P

Gray... Koto MSG weapons' kit? =D

AHA~! One sided, lol.


almost there, almost go gog og


haha.. lost the other side... need to re-SB it then.. maybe revise to a better one :D

Buahaha, making good progress! Keep the momentum up!

Now it has a red wine look to it. Keep it up man.

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