Friday, February 11, 2011

The Knight of the Midnight Sun

And the Giants.....

First loot for February 2011~! As usual bought from and arrived within 10days (Really its that fast for SAL) Another addition to Garo family ^^;; and Blade still alone of his kind XD..

Did a skits which I'm not often to do.. and took a lil bit time editing using Photoshop instead of everyones favorites Photoscape ^^;;


yeap.. its S.I.C Dark Kabuto and Gatack! XD... those guys feel tiny now lololz

Thats all for now ^^



Haha nice little growing garo collection! I assume you will be getting the bad guy to go along with them :P

haha.. thanks! you mean Kiba the Dark Knight? let see after I got him :P

They feel tiny? Both my Fraulein girls dwarfs them by two inches. XD
Wait... Megazord? O_o
Poor Blade, he is the forgotten one. lol.

@Zoidiect: That would be the OTHER one. XD

yes, they will... their height is about 12ish cm... that Kabuto and Gatack is around 20cm lol
yes.. he did said that ^^;;

So.. I'm right on it, right?

garo poisoning getting into you tsuki ^^
next is barago?

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