Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1/8 Saber Alter PVC by Movic

 or Dark Saber which I prefer to call her =D ........

Late April loot from yet usual Amiami.jp ^^.. bought it total 7,090 yen including shipping which is very nice since amiami gave 20% off almost all item they sell ^^..

This saber actually was released back year 2008 but from Gift instead.. and re-released this year by Movic and distributed by none other than Good Smile Company.. ^^.. This Saber was originally sculpted by Satoshi Toda under name Principality of Kagutsuchino. The style he used is very unique and different from usual anime sculpture, a mixture real look and details but still preserved the anime presence in figures.. The most notable figure that he made is Saber Armor Gift version, Saber Alter, Sakura Matou -Makiri's Grail- version and soon to be released Saber Lily Gift version. ^^

With no further due lets the pic spam begins~~ XD

Extra shots with different direct lighting setup lol

My second PVC after Saber Triumphant Excalibur PVC. A lil bit small than the first one which is around 20cm.. The detail is just crazy, the skirt, the boots, the red lining thinggy, the Dark Excalibur is nicely produced.. everything is just nice.. I really like it.. The eyes are scary tho.. didnt take pic of it, I just use the one with visor.. more nicer XD

Next post probably about 'reboot' or new project WISP (?) or a certain guy post.. I dunno lolz.. XD just wait and see :P...



yeah I want to see her face :D can the mask removed ?

Too scary lolz.. I'll add it later >_<;;

dont... lolz.. I'll add the pic without mask later ^^;;.. she has another head without the mask.. so its swapable head =D

not really =P, I rarely watch horror movies lol

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