Saturday, January 09, 2010

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 2

Made a little progress on MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka.. but mananged to build only the wings lol..

As usual, always forgot to take pic while working on this guy *sigh*
Only when done then take pic lolz

Not so many parts on this one.. I thought it would have many parts since it comes with many color.. and building it is quite easy ^^, the wing is so big lol.. I kinda like the design.. very futuristic-ish and colorfull XD...

Building the wings only makes me tired already lol.. I guess will continue it sometimes in a few days ^^

bout the re-paint that I mention in previous WISP, I think I just leave it just like that... only will touch up a bit on the nubs that I failed to remove/hid ^^;; and will top coat it with flat finish ^^.. Bout panel line.. hm.. thinking going panel wash with enamel paint ^^.

What do you guys think which color should I go.. pure black or flat earth color?

Till the next post!

Jya ne~


now I think I am the only one who go berserk and made a MG within 3 hours ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;

@moe: Seriously?! 3 hours must really be in berserk mode one. I took at least 6 hours even if I just straight build. o.O

@tsukinari: Maybe a gray color would work better if you have one. Otherwise, I think the black color would go better for panel lines than the earth color..

Hmm... Either black or grey is better... Brown is for ground-type gundams to me, and being added to make a soil/mud-stain effect which worked well on Gundam Ground type and the zakus...

@CD serious I made my strike noir in 3 hours straigh build no decals and no panel lining

Black for panel line should be the best.....
Panel line wash? Dunno how it works, waiting to see your next WIP, hoping to be enlightened :)

@moemoekyun - whoa 3 hours.. thats not berserk mode... thats Trans-am mode!~ lol

@CD - ah.. gray.. didnt have gray enamel >_< got lacquer but didnt think that would be good for panel wash ^^;;

@Exkurogane - hm... I see the Wing Gundam manual Hajime Katoki-sensei use brownish color for panel line.. thats why I thought use flat earth would be good XD, but yeah gray might be better.. ^^

@Marzz - im thinking doing a bit different than usual XD, hehe... well it certainly didnt use pen or marker, its using pointy paintbrush and enamel paint, but instead of brush, u tip the paint into panel line and let the paint run thru the panel line.. then clean the excess paints with cotton swab or tissue... I'll post up once I did the panel wash ^^

@moemoekyun fwahh! 3hours??? Trans-am indeed! >.<

@tsukinari flat earth should look good ^^

For panel line, I think dark color should work fine since you stick with the default color scheme :D

How about a slightly darker color than the flat earth.

hope you'll make a simple step by step panel washing tutorial

3 hours for an MG? that's Trans-Arm Burst Mode.

tsuki, want to ask what top coat you usually use?
gloss, semi, or flat? and why?

I want to buy one of them, don't want to make a wrong choice.

i am with heathorn :D Go with flat earth ^^

@AstrayP03 - :D thanks,

@heathorn - yeah... im sticking with default color scheme ^^, maybe I can mix a bit with black.. hmm...

@00 hater - sure, I was thinking to make somekind 'tutorial', not sure if I doing it right lol..

@divinelight - lol Trans-Am Burst Mode :P, hm... usually used flat one... gloss ive only applied to gunmetal part on oo Gundam custom (the joint parts), I used paint type (for airbrushing use) not the can one (Mr. Super Clear flat/gloss) ^^

@chubbybots - thanks for your input! XD

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