Saturday, January 02, 2010

Finally got poisoned XP

All the past has been ended and new era has begun!! The dark side has capitalized all of the nerve system inside tsukinari's head(?)..

After weeks or even months(?) resisting, today it cant be no longer hold on, the moe-poison is too powerfull, has broken the core of the system, spreading into all channels... thus it have been decided, bought upon one to be the first, the chosen one of its kind that will infiltrate tsukinari's world(?)

*to be continued* lol

Gone kinda weird there lol...

Yep, its confirmed... I got poisoned ^^;; so congratz moemoekyun, chubbybots, rockleelotus, eighteleven and to those guys that posting poisoning stuffs everyday, not to mention to guys on too XD *cough* kodomut *cough* for successfully poisoned me and bd77 to the dark side *moe division* lol

So you guys wonders whos im gonna get first, hehe... I'll keep it secret for now... but there is hints :D, so here it goes

- Yellow
- White
- has a sharp and pointy item

I hope you guys can guess who XD

Since I'm suck at giving hints.............. ill just leave as that lol

Jya ne~


useless hint everyone know her :P no need LOL stats or whatever :D
another target down one target left = Marzz

I thought you will buy drossel or K-ON! ^^;
but your LOL hint destroy it within a second

Dang, that was fast... Didn't expect your shielding is that thin...

Marzz is soooo "happy" when you mentioned his name. XD

I just wonder when marzz get poisoned ^^

ahaha.. Mio is too late T_T, Drossel still plenty out there so yeah...

Picked her coz she is my fav chara ^^

@moemoekyun - oh you ijimeko!

@bd77 - >_<;;; lolz, go go Marzz join us! lol

@tsukinari and bd77 :
I evy you guys although I have nendoroid earlier than you and chubby + eighteleven but I haven't play with them or even touch the boxes ^^;;;;;

ah.. eighteleven (fadhli) forgot him.. he got mio UUGUUUUUU

@tsukinari not to late for the others ^0^ like azusa @_@ do want

@bd77 - lolz >_<

@moemoekyun - Azunyan! going to follow her release closely :P

great way to start the new year lol congrats! and welcome to the darkside. soon you will be recruiting more with your poisonious item :P

Welcome to the Dark Side... We ever looking for new members... :P

Play imperial march song.....

Lol, great way to start the year dude with a nice new cute loot hehe!! Can't wait for your pictures mate!! As I always say resistance is futile!!!

NO!!!!! Yet another one has fallen...... Am i the only survivor?? xD
Hehe, trying to convert me eh? Not a chance! I will be the sole survivor!!!
How could you crumble at the start of the new year, tsukinari??

@yunamon - lol, thanks for visiting lolz >_<;;

@chubbybots - LOL Dark Side theme :P

haha... I hope can create nice and beatiful pictures as urs ^^;;

@Marzz - Uuuuuuuuu... cannot hold anymore uguuu... Yes you are now... come join! lol >_<;;
well... new year, new ambition, new resolution, new stuffs! lol.. Its not that Im going to leave gunpla forever :P, Just a change of pace.. only with sacrifice lol (in this case 1MG and 1HG) Im still going to get MG Exia IGM thats is ^^

I really guess the hint called out Drossel, but there's no yellow in Drossel as far as I know...

Congratulation for joining the nendo army :D

Luckily I can resist most of the anime characters. I only picked a few that I really really like :D

LOL WTF! I still dunno who this nendo is!!! Uguu~ T.T" Even looking at all the nendoroids on goodsmile's website, I still couldn't find which one it was. Man I suck! xD

@divinelight - nope not Drossel ^^;;

@bmecha - lol thanks

@faddy - lol... I thought every know who she it D:, just wait for my new post lolol

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