Friday, May 11, 2012

1/7 Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~

 A over-delayed Review post ^^;;

Its a very very delayed Review that I finally got managed to do lol.. this is re-release of the original Saber Lily that released back in 2006... I bought this back in January 2012, and bought it from all time favorite the original price is 9,333 yen but knowing they give us a nice discount around 20ish percent and making the final item price is 7,260 yen... the shipping as usual I use Registered SAL and cost about 1,530 yen.. 

The Grand Box
The packaging for this Saber Lily is fantastic... its very metallic and the finishing is just awesome..

The Content
After pop the content out you get a very detailed sculpture of Saber Lily in her awesome pose.. it got the Base which is awesome, the 2 sword she use Excalibur and Caliburn along with the scabbard Avalon..

 The Base
The base is very unique and very detailed. The paint job is very nice and I like the logo painted in Silver a very nice touch

 The Weapons
Saber Lily comes with 2 swords Excalibur and Caliburn and Excalibur scabbard the Avalon and an optional hands for the Avalon attachment.. the Invisible Excalibur is not inlcuded for some reason (maybe its reserved for Saber ~Triumphant Excalibur~ PVC ^^;;)

 Rotation Shots
some shots that I took for 360 rotation shots as usual.. this Saber Lily PVC is awesome ^^

The Details
This Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ PVC is very detailed and carefully sculptured.. I love every details on it and GSC did a fantastic job on this PVC.. I like the details of the Base, very nice one the checked box art on the base is really suit.. The dress sculpture is awesome and believable.. the paintjob is really nice.. the metal feel on the armor is very good.. The face is just lovely with the hair details to the ribbon details, its just awesome.. 

Unfortunately this Saber Lily cant fit into my shelf-o-saber due the size and limited space... So I had to resort to keep inbox until I find a solution to display it along with other sabers.. ^^;;

This photoshoot I use the recent experimental using the black backdrop, black shirt for the ground, and a reverse V lighting setup and additional light infront, forgot to take pic of the setup that I use..

Thats all for this review.. hope you guys like the pics that I take, this one is very lots pic that I took, about 100+ total and after filter it out, count to 52 pics overall lol



Really nice setup for the lighting. And yes, this a very nicely sculpted PVC of Saber, and also quite a space-eater too.

p.s... *points to a stack of boxes*
?????: *Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~*

 Indeed.. this is the best one next to the Saber Triumphant Excalibur and Saber Alter XD...

uh oh~

love the lighting for the last few pictures :]

haha thanks.. Experimental lights lol.. tried to use only 1 light at the back with front light covered a bit ...

Glad you like it ^^

love the photos, nicely taken :D

not sure on the need of including invisible excalibur though XD *shot*

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