Friday, March 26, 2010

Intruder (not)

My first nendo story me thinks? XD

to be continued.....


GUWAH~! SHANA~! Wait...

00 can bleed? O_o;;;

OO : see? this happens when you didnt paint my weapon!!

LOLed at coin pwnage XD

Fwah you got Shana lol!! And she pawned gundam 00 on her debut nice!!!

@ZD: True!

Tekka00 got pwned! XD
Poor unfinished 00...

00 got owned by Shana and Shana got owned by a coin lol.

actually the SAMSUNG advertising really powerful at this movie.. mwuahahha...

wahahaha, shana is so cute~
urusai urusai urusai :D

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