Tuesday, January 12, 2010



ORZ... I knew this gonna happened soon or later, but did'nt know that it happens this fast!! lol

I just broke my glasses while ago, lol... My glasses fell on the floor and I accidentally stepped on it and it broke in half ORZ ....

Broken glasses
Sayonara, my glasses T_T

Oh well.. I guess its time to have new glasses then ^^;; New Year, New Glasses! lolz

Was suppose to post WISP but I'll just do it tomorrow :P, So tired and stuffs..



wahh that sucks, i wear glasses too but that situation is like something you only see on tv? lol

new year, new glasses sounds good :D

The only pair of glasses that I have is my classic style Aviator sunglass from RayBan. :D

hmm now you can mod one of the glass to those DBZ scanning visors!! Nah just kidding..

Man that sucks, hope ya get your new glasses soon ^^

Oh no... that sucks >.< I dropped mine when I fell asleep on a plane three years ago... when I woke up, it was trampled upon T.T

@moemoekyun - lol.. well... contact lens not suitable to me coz I got too much dazzle/glitter ^^;;

@rockleetus, indeed T_T, well... when the glasses fells I was kinda supprise and move to see where the glasses is, then 'snap' the glasses broke ^^;;

@bd77 - hehe nice sunglass :P

@chubbybots - LOL and paint it clear green.. muahahaha... yeah going to get new one soon

@AstrayP03 - ^^;; well.. I usually left my glasses near my pc and go sleep ^^.. there is much safer than near when Im sleeping lolz

i will scream for you : zetsubou shita!!!

That happened to me before, I fell down from a motorbike....gendou ikari glasses!

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