Monday, March 28, 2011

CP01 : HGUC RGZ-95+ ReZEL Plus Custom

First Commission Project modeled by Zoidiect ^^.......

My first Gunpla Commission Project for 2011!! I was thinking bout this since last year when I starting to get busy with Cyber Cafe and stuffs... This project is about helping me build or mod my Gunpla backlogs ^^;;
Participants can help me build either for free or I can give some rewards equal with the effort that you guys made :D...

For this first Project... Zoidiect is the lucky guy that help me build this guy... HGUC ReZEL...

And I didnt expect him to finish it with only 4 days from the time he received the kit from me XD.. further more complete with mod and painted... XD... he called this guy ReZEL Plus ^^

Check out this ReZEL Plus~~

And... already put it in here.... poor Sinanju got blocked by ReZEL Plus :P
Sinanju : *glares*
Me : *runs*

Thats all for now... There will be more future Commision Project which is no.2 I already decided and just waiting to announce it soon :P...

About the Sinanju.. When I saw Zoidiect ninja build the ReZEL... I kinda got urge to finish my Sinanju.. but seems that lately raining non stop, I guess I have to wait till everything settle down first... sorry Red Comet >_<;;



Ohh... Finally you updated your blog...

Now that ReZEL+ standing proudly in your shelve. =D

Haha was wondering why didn't you do a post about this.... Yet.

yeah.. totally forgot to post this >_<;;

He's awesome~!

aha thanks for the kit ^^
not transforming it into waverider? wont be having scratches i guess, given long enough curing time for the paint :D

naah~~ I like MS mode better XD... thanks for your effort! :D

You aren't doing sinanju any justice, it should be place beside ReZEL plus instead of being blocked:D jkjk

Great Stuff man. Much better than the typical colour scheme

Thanks ^^... all thanks to Zoidiect for this nice build XD

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