Thursday, May 05, 2011

HGUC Sinanju Custom WISP 5 - Weathering

At last some progress XD........

Its been like nearly 4 months since last WISP lolz.. that one long time hiatus on this kit ^^;;.. I am really sorry for delaying this guy for that long especially to Zoidiect since I started this project coz participating his HGUC Sinanju Group build ^^;;.. I finally done with the main kit... and left some minor stuffs ... and I thought it would be cool if I weathering it.. as my first attempt on weathering, not really heavy one, just a lil bit ^^

This is what I used for weathering this kit... Tamiya Weathering Master C Set.. 

so what is this cosmetic looking thinggy?

This is one of several technique to apply weathering to you kit to make it look real... and this is the most basic one... sponge tip and brushes..

Tamiya Weathering Master got several type and set...

A Set
Sand (for dusty finish)
Light Sand (for dusty finish on light-colored vehicles)
Mud (for mud on tank treads and rally cars)

B Set
Snow (for winter camouflage and light snow)
Soot (for soot from exhaust pipes and gun barrels)
Rust (for rusting of AFV and boat hulls)

C Set
Orange Rust (for orange/red tinted rusty metal
Gun Metal (for unpolished metal look)
Silver (for polished metal look)

D Set
Burnt Blue (for scorched metal look)
Burnt Red (for scorched metal look)
Oil Stain (for realistic brownish-gray oil stain color)

E Set
Yellow (for WWII German dark yellow vehicles)
Gray (for WWII German gray vehicles)
Green (for WWII Allied green vehicles)

There also got stick type which just look like a marker so you can just upen the cap and just apply it directly ^^ you guys can check more about it at Tamiya official english website here 
I only got C Set so I used this to weathering this guy.. ^^, for the time being I only apply light of the Gun Metal and some Orange Rust aroundt he armors and stuffs, put more orange rust near feet area etc.. tried to not to overdid it .. I tried to use the silver one but it hard like rock.. I tried to scratch it up and the dust didnt really stick ^^;;... lol

Some pic spam here XD



Also I finished up the weapons part.. Airbrushed the rifle and axe thinggy with mixed gun-metal and silver.. and a lil bit clear blue here and there.. I like the way the rifle come out ^^

I think there will be a lil bit more WISP still.. Final touch and decals etc etc ^^;;... hope can finish this and continue with other delayed project and stuffs ^^;;...

Thats all for now ... Ja!


I doubt if I could ever use those for my kits as they are on the move. XD

the weathering works :D looks subtle and not overdone ^^ better seal it up before it gets worn off.


thanks ... yeah I better do it ^^;;

I apply it at the rifle, not really show in the pic but in real life its there... and I didnt paint the beam effect clear blue ^^;;

Obligatory Sinanju head shot damage? Can't really see the blue on the rifle. ^^

hehehe XD ... yeah but in real life its quite noticeable ^^

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