Monday, May 30, 2011

HG GN-XIII Custom WISP 02 - Sanding and Cements

A bit delayed post ^^;;

This post was supposed to publish like few days ago lol.. got flu and headache a bit that time... rest a bit there ^^;;.. Anyway.. here Part 2 of GN-XIII Custom!...

I've done sanded the cemented parts of the upper body while doing it took some before and after for comparison ^^

Before that.. I've cemented the lower part of the kit and waiting to be cure

And sanded the rest of the parts... 

By the time taking this pic.. I havent sanded the skirt parts ^^;;... 

Next will be pla-plating.. and hopefully got it done a lil bit faster and not to get sick and stuffs ^^

New loots will arrives soon.. nyehehehe

Thats all for now..



LoL~! The GNX-III's side skirt can be make-shift legs. XD

smooth sanding~~

somehow i am now kinda lazy to deal with seams, my seam removing skill is rusting ^^;;;

haha i so much want to sand to be honest :P Missed those days of modding!

But you seem to be making good progress hehe. Can't wait to see the pla plating!

Thanks ^^

haha.. sometimes I do... but it just too eyesore to me lolz, not yet!

SO CLEAN XD TSUKINARI!! XD u waited for a Day? when u put the cement

haha... I like the lance as the weapon very much. Reminds me of the kits from the F91 and Crossbone Gundam XD

Thanks, at least a day for the cement fully cured/hardened ^^

gonna stop collecting 00 Series after getting 00 Raiser MG, MG quanta and Zabanya :) gonna collect some UC and Seed XD

seamline removal super successful!
Looking at the last pic, I am starting to think maybe GnX can be modded into an MA mode?

maybe... I'm not sure how tho ... the skirt can rotate vertically that way

hi, I would like to know where to get cement, paint, model kit sandpaper, and top coat in malaysia? thank you for telling me

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