Thursday, June 16, 2011

Saber Alter ~Vortigern~

huge energy sword is huge.. kinda look like harisen lolz

Its been 2 days this loot has been arrived... like always.. bought from my all time favorite online shop XD... shipped 2 June 2011 and arrived to Malaysia 9 June 2011 and to my home 13 June 2011... delayed due weekend ^^;;..

I bought it with price 7,280 yen (25% off pre-order) from 9,333 yen normal price which is awesome.. shipping cost is around 1,850yen Registered SAL and Total cost is 9,130 yen which is still cheaper than normal price XD..

The sculpture is just superb.. love every inch of it! The gloss armor finish, the face, the base, the skirt.. everything is perfect lol.. and DAT SWORD!

The box is same as Saber Excalibur box.. and I like the matte finish on the boxart.. unlike the Saber Excalibur which is glossy with gold bling :D

The huge sword.. comparison with mr.guardy... that is HUGE.. 

The transparent effect are extra nice~

Quick snapping after unboxing lol

 All the Sabers that I own currently... one step closer to Sabers-o-shelf lolz

Image spam time!!




47 images overall lol.. thats quite alot haha... having some blast taking pic of this figure.. this is one Epic Saber figure XD..

Oh... if you wonder how these image shot go so pretty and sharp.. I just bought this

Bought it at Mydin Mall with price only RM29.90.. this desk lamp will make me easier to do gunpla works and for photograph figures/gunpla XD

Testing the lamp.. it use E27 type of bulb.. I use 11 wats Energy Saving bulb ^^.. its quite good and very bright.. love it XD

Thats all for this awesome Saber Alter Vortigern Review.. ^^..

Until next time.. Ja!


So, your Guards Type become your benchmark in terms of size, eh?

And yes, the blade is HUGE~!

LoL. You also have that type of lamp. Very useful, that.


Thats just his duty to guard your tool shelf?? Poor guy lol

lol.. well.. hes easy to grab.. nearer lolol

yeah.. HUGE indeed >_<

Oh~ you got same lamp?? Indeed is usefull XD

DEKAI!!! lol

yeah.. hes a hardworking guy lol

niceo!!!!! so now ur Zulu is ur Signature Post?

Thanks! ... lol as his reward for his guarding duty XD

Congrats on your new lamp. The blade is really huge. I like the base very much. It gives Saber a awe-aspiring look XD 

Thanks ^^.. having desk lamp sure makes things different XD.. yeah.. the base is superb.. love those details.. EPIC one

Mine arriving in 2 weeks time. =) Have Nendo Mikus to take care of first this coming week...

Huhu.. saw that Nendo Miku.. nice price u get ^^

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