Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Saber Lily ~Unlimited Codes~

 1/8 Saber Lily by Gift.....

A bit delayed review ^^;;.. This Saber Lily arrived 5 days ago.. bought it as usual from with price 7,280 yen excluding shipping. Shipping cost is about 1,770 yen Registered SAL ^^;; nothing fancy about it as usual arrived less than 10 days except delayed and stuffs from local post office >_<;;;...

This Saber Lily is sculpted by the same guy that did Movic Saber Alter - Satoshi Toda (Principality of Kagutsuchino) meaning that this Saber got whole tons of details XD... Everything about her I totally love it. The armor details, the dress sculpts, the face is really nice and the color is just awesome..The paint job is pretty metallic and pure =D

The accessories comes with her just only 2 items, the Caliburn Sword and Base, The base is alot bigger than Saber Alter and got mirror on it! lol.. very nice touch~ theres some scratches but its just on the protective film.. I didnt tear it up, just leave it that way ^^...  the assembly onto the base is very easy.. which is good, everything is pretty nice and theres only minor flaw like the pointy hair that got some nubs thinggy there.. otherwise its very nice figure..

anyway I have nothing more to say... pic spams begins

I recently bought something that I stumble upon when shopping lol... its the gift wrapping paper.. and I got nice Orangeish marble design on it.. so I ninja grab it and went home.. start photoshooting experiment lolol.. Thats why got a lil bit delay on this review.. ^^;;

 Rearranged my soon to be Sabers-o-shelf since Saber Lily arrives.. the space is getting cramped now lol! >_<

Thats all for Saber Lily review.. matta ne~



Sabers, it's full of Sabers.

Right then, next its my turn, expect a vintage SD.

haha.. >_<;;

oho~ looking forward to it :D

sabers everywhere @_@tsukinari:disqus
nice backdrop :D

Is the mirror base of yours ok? Some of my frens got them scratched. @_@

yeah got a bit scratched out the box.. but I think its only on the protective film.. I didnt open/tear up the film to check on the mirror though

Saber Lily is such an anime icon! 
Many fans are devoted to collecting her figurines.

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