Friday, October 21, 2011

HGUC Jesta WIP 01 - Snapfit

Warming up~......

Done snap fitting Jesta yesterday, its been a while since I've build new gunpla XD.. took about whole day total time to finish snap fitting, its quite nice build.. lots of seperate parts.. very nice... I like it
Pic a bit low since I used my phone camera to take the pic ^^;;

 Upper body - I like the Head seperation parts.. makes easy to paint, The front vent also got parts seperation, more plus for this kit ^^ and the hand got so many options.. kudos for Bandai for this :D

 The Leg parts - very nice part seperation.. the seperation is perfect for my color scheme..
 Stay in there and wait till I'm done with the waist...
Jesta : *facepalms*

Finally done.. took me 2 different session to finish it.. 5 hours each ^^... Overall this kit is awesome.. It can do many pose like these below lol

First WIP is done! hopefully I can continue in this pace lol... next is perhaps the tedious part... Sanding the nubs and polishing.. along with cementing and minor joint mod for easier to paint...

Thats all for now, Next post will be AGE-01 WIP 01 - Snapfit lol, HG GN-XIII WIP will come later ^^ 



Congratulations. Finally you have complete a kit in less than a month. For your courageous effort, I bestow upon you the rank of...

Actually there is no rank to given in the first place. LOL.

Your Jesta and AGE-1 should do a face-off. XD 

Nice.. gotta agree with bd77 .. Age vs Jesta XD since u did the Kung Fu Poses like mine bwahahahahahahaa XD 

 lol not yet! still got much to do! XD

lol no rank >_<


 Will post some kungfu pose soon Age vs Jesta LOL

 Not yet! theres still need to sands and cement then can go painting :D

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