Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Super Saber! RAWR!

and already challenging Dark Saber :D.........

Super Saber : Dark Saber, I challenge you!
Dark Saber : ......
Me : oh boy.. here we go!

Dark Saber : ......
Super Saber : hey!.. you hear me?
Me : ??

Dark Saber : I dont fight chibi people...
Super Saber : *twitch*
Me : lol

Super Saber : RAWR!!!!!!
Dark Saber : kyaa!!
Me : RUN!!!

To be continued???

There goes 4 koma that I come up with.. theres was so many idea and stuffs but I choose this one ^^;;

One particular thing that I notice for this shipment from amiami is the packaging... The outside just look normal like other SAL shipment.. but inside got a lil bit different... theres no more free papers (lol)... instead, they use some box paper and put it like this

The first time I see this type of packaging... It does do secure the item well... what u guys think?

and Extra pics XD
Trying to pose like PVC which is impossible on nendo lol

On the side note... if u guys already know, I will participate my first Gunpla Group Build... this is for ZD's Sinanju Group Build ^^... So I'm waiting for my HGUC Sinanju to arrive in 1 week, I think ... gonna try start Snap fit it when it arrives since Chubbybot already started his Sinanju XD... my plan on this originally OOB build... maybe I re-paint it to different color scheme, but there will be no pla-plating, and panel scribing..

Crap its 2.00 am now.. I better go sleep lol..



you may not fight chibi but chibi will fight you!! lol and that packing style is an upgrade, better protects your merchandise, nice job amiami.

im considering adding her to the saber sister family but im trying to control my budget, hard to fit Sinanju in there too T_T i will watch until i can get :D

Use chibi to fight against chibi! LOLOLOL

arGH...That face is damn go chibi saber!!! How are the joints so far for super movable saber?

so the eyebrow isnt missing XD

btw, "nice" photo background for this post XD

haha... yeah.. looks better than just free papers XD

gah.. this month was shopping spree for me uguu....

lol... fast get la.. XD

yeah.. epic face expression XD.. lol.. joints are great.. got lots of articulation.. wrist, elbow, shoulder, skirt, upper body, knee, hips, foot, lots more.. also her side hair is soft material, same like inner skirt.. very super nendo one XD

yeap, thankfully she got her eyebrow XD..

lol the background XD

Cooo... Nice get. *thumbs up then stabs hand* ugguu...
Aww... Alter Saber is scared of a nendo. XD

I think she'll be causing a whole of noise with the others there.

As for the packaging, cool way of protecting the goods.

Wait... What's that sound I'm hearing?...
Sound: Jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~!

Ah~ Unbuilt kits...

Thanks ^^.. lol dont stab ur hand.. sinanju will never be finished lol

haha.. its just Super Nendo Saber is too brutal lol

well... She already chasing Azunyan's neko, followed by Nendo Saber Lily coz she found her lost sister, chased by Nendo Shana which her battle not finish with Saber Lily yet and folowed by Drossel since Shana is her first contact :D

LOL *cover ears*

woo~finally u got it. Is it satisfy yours compared to other nedos?

LOL seems like that rawr face is being made use by everyone for a really good pose. I dont rmbr saber having that kinda expresion in the anime and the movie.

yeah totally.. yeah I dont see it in anime or the movie too.. maybe it has in game?

waaaa, so cute! The pissed off expression is so funny.

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