Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 1?

Finally some progress with this guy lol... a very very long overdue WIP ^^;;

As usual didn't get much of WIP pictures, I really need to remember to take some ^^;;

Completed head, forgot to apply the eye sticker lol

Shot of the Arm...
just look at the nub mark... orz..
his is what u get if u use nail clipper in wrong way ahaha.. T_T

Completed building the shoulder,
almost breaking the round part on the shoulder coz I accidently swapped with the other side ^^;;

What should I do to this guy... hmm, I may re-paint the blue and red parts with same color respectively, maybe a lil different blue or red ^^;; to hide the nubs and stuffs, I didn't have plan on complete re-paint with different color.. the original white part color is a bit slightly dull but I like it that way... what u guys think? any suggestion is nice too.. I'm still thinking on Reborns custom haha.. and got a bit of headache ^^;;

New year is around the corner ^^... and I'm not sure if I have any plan on New Year eve... maybe hangout with my friends or just being at home working on Reborns :P...

I think going to sleep a little early today.. my head still hurt.. v_v

Anyways... Jya ne~ Oyasumi nasai~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom Color Scheme

Finally done with Reborns Custom Color Scheme while ago... still havent sleep lol,

I cant find decent pic of the Reborns lineart, cant be helped but to upscale a bit, pardon me for the blurness lol

Like I said before, the color scheme is going to be kinda like 1 (Ai) Gundam but not that similiar, the main color will be Purple-ish, along with some other color (Red, Dark Grey, light purple or so)... so here some of the scheme that I come with... didnt have much idea, just randomly throw the color lol

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme 5

Color Scheme 6

Color Scheme 7

Color Scheme 8

This time there more than usual lol, I hope that these scheme are good enough lol...

So please, vote which one should I use lol.. I kinda have one in my mind.. but I'll just let you guys think which one is better ^^;;

On the side note..

I've done a lil bit progress with MG Wing Gundam... first going to straight build then gonna think if I should re-paint or not.. lol.. still far away from completion.. will post bout it when the time come ^^;;

Now its time for me to hit the sack!

Jya ne~~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HG 1/144 XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP Part 4

More XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP~~~~ lol

Just tiny updates btw...Last night, I tried to paint silver on the condenser panel, but failed badly, then I scratched and remove the paint and leave only the foil sticker, which is I put it long time ago before decided to paint this guy ^^;;

Sticked the front of the clear parts with some tacky gum, I think thats what I called lol,
leaving the back of the clear up to be painted..

I use this paint - Gaianote Primary Color Cyan,
the color is kinda like clear blue,
mixed with the thinner with paint:thinner ratio 1:3 as usual

After done painting, leaving it for a while to let the paint dry, then assembled it :D

Some of the shot with newly painted blue condenser and forehead piece :D

Forehead view.. kinda like result :D

Full View.. does the blue clear goes with red and white color scheme? hm..

Closer view of the upper part ^^

Closer view of the leg part, blue color seems look nice with the rest color to me...

Arm shot, the reason the joint clear parts is green coz...
I cant get the clear part out of the joint parts lol..
afraid if I break something if I force to get the clear part lolz

I think the clear blue kinda work well with the red and white color scheme.. maybe its just my preference since I like both Red and Blue color ^^, If u noticed in the pictures some unpainted parts like the gundam face, the feet and stuffs, masking fault etc... going to fix that soon ^^

Regarding on some news on NK... more gunpla milking next year.. lol sure lots kits that I really like.. going to buy for sure.. but I might skipping any VS Astray kits, including MG Astray Red Frame Kai, the MG is look cool, proportion and articulation is nice, overall design is good. But I'm not really into Seed or Astray series, so yeah.. dunno if I may change my mind.. but for now.. skip lol

Thats all for now... Reborns WISP or XN WISP soon :P

Jya ne~

Sunday, December 20, 2009

HG 1/144 XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP Part 3

Finally some news on my XN 00 Gundam Custom~ :D

But before that ...

I have bought new compressor few weeks ago just before I went into fever mode XD;;

The compressor is kinda small.. including the Air Tank and Moisture Trap which is kinda good.. The other feature is Auto Stop - which the compressor stop working after the air is full in the Air Thanks thus makes the compressor more efficient and longer lifetime (less power to use, lower the breakdown risk). The weight is around 5kg+ as stated on the compressor, but when I lift it.. it didnt feel like 5kg+ lol ^^;;

The price is around RM450 (USD 130~), the cheapest I found on net that included postage and handling fee.. most I seached is around RM500++ total, so yeah.. quite okay I guess.. ^^;;

Very.. very satisfied with it.. totally worth spending lol

Anyways... lets go to the real thing lol...

At last completed Airbrushing 00 Gundam!!
I have done AB all the red parts that I left before..

Unwrapped all the masking tapes and stuffs :P

Head unit, masking the tiny part is PITA lol... some details need fixing

The other parts - the chest parts I put another layer of Red since the color a bit darker.. hm..

Leg part... I decided to paint the side red instead of Gunmetal lol

This is what happened if you fails at masking lol... T_T, I'll fix it later X(

Complete assemble and its kinda look cool XD

Closer look ^^

Closer view on the leg part, Argh the masking fails XP

More closer view desu~

Trying to pose like in the boxart ^^;;

I missed painting the Weapons!! orz meh.. I'll do it with the XN part lol ^^;;

Final shot~

A little bit more WISP before this kit fill be fully finished (without weapons and XN thats is), the clear parts, some detaling on colors, fixing bad painting, and other stuffs, which I might missed out.

So... what u guys think?? Comment and Critics are welcome~~ also if got suggestion too :D

Next will either XN kit WISP or Reborns WISP... huhu XD

Jya ne~~

Gundam Double 0 Movie - Mobile Suits Lineart

Im going to delay my WISP post just for this lol...

Altho that you guys may have read it in other blog (NgeeKhiong or SRWhotnews) but I just had to post here lol.. just my opinion :P

First up is 00 Qan[T] / 00 Quanta

Pretty simplified design, kinda mix of Reborns, Exia, and 00 Gundam XD, the feet are kinda a lil big or it may the upper body look small.. but nevertheless the side shield+funnel is awesome.. I pretty much like it, not much to complain here.. lol but Im still wonder where is the GN-Drive? I think its on the back... which got connectors to the shield (which is probably the GN-Condenser to supply the power) ^^

Gundam Zabanya

Looks pretty much like Dynames modified with Cherudim elements or so .. lol maybe its just me, looks good to me .. like the design too since its pretty much look like the S1 MS. I dunno what the container functionality, but I thinks its just missle container.. on the back Zabanya now got back thruster again XD... theres no sniper rifle so I guess this MS is kinda like Mid range shooter MS? ^^

Gundam Harute

Awesome.. simply awesome... I like Harute design the most.. everything is great.. feel more superior than Arios and Kyrios ^^;; but that maybe just me hahah.. the Backpack is nice! as expected that this MS adopts Archer's elements ^^ I love the overall design, the chest and arms look like from Arios, shoulder from Kyrios, Nice! But.. I wonder wheres Marute? lol cant wait to see Marute design :D

Raphael Gundam

Im kinda turned off with Bulky, Fat or what ever you guys called lol, I just less like but in Raphael case... I kinda like it :D... the suit design are taken off from Gadessa family suit are kinda nice~ from the lineart we see Raphael now looks like didnt have 2nd MS now.. instead got big backpack with MS eater claw XD... but I got the feeling that the backpack can be purged out and Raphael use it as armor thus became bulky and fat again :D ^^..

I must say some of you guys might say/think that the designer got no more ideas to use and rehash previous MS design.. but.. lets see from the storyline perspective.. I think still look acceptable.. I mean there must be something that need to make the story moving along, MS upgrade and stuffs, right?

So what you guys think bout these new MS designs for Gundam 00 Movie?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yosh! Back in full force!! & Reborns Custom WISP Part 2 ^^

Yosh!!! Finally Im back in Action!! wooot lolz, lots of things happened when I was in fever mode.. most of them good one ^^.. will do write in next post :)..

When I regain my wellness last night I went 'berserk mode' and build Reborns gundam in one go lol... from chest parts that I left before fever mode XD, I never had building kits like that.. Usually I do part by part then continue tommorow or later haha..

Again, I was in 'berserk mode' totally forgot to take WIP pictures T_T

Its just a straight build, but cleaned some of the nubs and stuffs.. not using any foil sticker since I hate it.. lol

During building this guy, I have some mixed feeling bout this kit.. in a weird way lol.. I dunno.. I just feel different than the other Gundam 00 Season 2 kits..

Maybe because its infamous 'reverse' transformation?

just look at the connector for the Cannon mode head lol,
like I said not going to bother on Cannon mode..

but I like the funnels/fangs on the back... kinda look like wings there huhu..

Going to start my modding on the head part, fix the seam lines and some other stuffs... will see how it goes ^^

Next post hopefully going to cover on the good news and loots hehe..

Ja Ne~