Sunday, December 20, 2009

HG 1/144 XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP Part 3

Finally some news on my XN 00 Gundam Custom~ :D

But before that ...

I have bought new compressor few weeks ago just before I went into fever mode XD;;

The compressor is kinda small.. including the Air Tank and Moisture Trap which is kinda good.. The other feature is Auto Stop - which the compressor stop working after the air is full in the Air Thanks thus makes the compressor more efficient and longer lifetime (less power to use, lower the breakdown risk). The weight is around 5kg+ as stated on the compressor, but when I lift it.. it didnt feel like 5kg+ lol ^^;;

The price is around RM450 (USD 130~), the cheapest I found on net that included postage and handling fee.. most I seached is around RM500++ total, so yeah.. quite okay I guess.. ^^;;

Very.. very satisfied with it.. totally worth spending lol

Anyways... lets go to the real thing lol...

At last completed Airbrushing 00 Gundam!!
I have done AB all the red parts that I left before..

Unwrapped all the masking tapes and stuffs :P

Head unit, masking the tiny part is PITA lol... some details need fixing

The other parts - the chest parts I put another layer of Red since the color a bit darker.. hm..

Leg part... I decided to paint the side red instead of Gunmetal lol

This is what happened if you fails at masking lol... T_T, I'll fix it later X(

Complete assemble and its kinda look cool XD

Closer look ^^

Closer view on the leg part, Argh the masking fails XP

More closer view desu~

Trying to pose like in the boxart ^^;;

I missed painting the Weapons!! orz meh.. I'll do it with the XN part lol ^^;;

Final shot~

A little bit more WISP before this kit fill be fully finished (without weapons and XN thats is), the clear parts, some detaling on colors, fixing bad painting, and other stuffs, which I might missed out.

So... what u guys think?? Comment and Critics are welcome~~ also if got suggestion too :D

Next will either XN kit WISP or Reborns WISP... huhu XD

Jya ne~~


Wow, that's pretty awesome to me. Maybe you could try painting the Gn swords metallic sliver like its PG counterpart?

Cool. No... UBER COOLNESS~! The red really makes looks makes more striking. Quite well done, that.

Hey... Now it looks similar to the ARX-8 Lavaetein...

is that cheap compressor or the expensive one ??

@Marzz - thanks ^^ - Owh.. thats is nice idea~ will try it ^^

@bd77 - lol thanks ^^, yeah I like Red :D

now that u have mention that.. its kinda look like one XD..

@moemoekyun - expensive one 10x more than the broken one... RM450 (USD 130~)

so it won't be died like the last one at least for 5 years XD

@moemoekyun - definitely.. maybe atleast 3 years lol

good job man :D
long no time no post, sorry for just-passing-by your blog :P, because being busy with final
but seriously, this is awesome, have you spray the top coat yet?
would like to see you take on MG after this
and congrats for your new compressor

Dude, the red/white colour scheme looks awesome!! I wish I knew how to spray paint my gundams properly. I can barely get any good outcome out of painting @_@ maybe need to practice more. And maybe if I ever get better, I'll buy myself an airbrush too LOL but that doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon ahhahahaha

Woah, new compressor and you were quick to get it too. Quite expensive too (but not as expensive as the ones other modelers commonly use).

Look like we can expect your 00 Custom to finish quite soon (unless you're busy with RL). ^^

@plutonianrevolver - thanks!! yeah my first time using airbrush the result not that good.. but practicing will get u better ^^ I cant handle spray can... thats why I tried Airbrush, and didnt regret moving to Airbrush haha.. go go buy! me poisoning u huhu

@CD - ^^ thanks, yeah theres more expensive one (mostly japan brand) XD

Yeah real soon.. hopefully :D

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