Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HG 1/144 XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP Part 4

More XN 00 Gundam Custom WISP~~~~ lol

Just tiny updates btw...Last night, I tried to paint silver on the condenser panel, but failed badly, then I scratched and remove the paint and leave only the foil sticker, which is I put it long time ago before decided to paint this guy ^^;;

Sticked the front of the clear parts with some tacky gum, I think thats what I called lol,
leaving the back of the clear up to be painted..

I use this paint - Gaianote Primary Color Cyan,
the color is kinda like clear blue,
mixed with the thinner with paint:thinner ratio 1:3 as usual

After done painting, leaving it for a while to let the paint dry, then assembled it :D

Some of the shot with newly painted blue condenser and forehead piece :D

Forehead view.. kinda like result :D

Full View.. does the blue clear goes with red and white color scheme? hm..

Closer view of the upper part ^^

Closer view of the leg part, blue color seems look nice with the rest color to me...

Arm shot, the reason the joint clear parts is green coz...
I cant get the clear part out of the joint parts lol..
afraid if I break something if I force to get the clear part lolz

I think the clear blue kinda work well with the red and white color scheme.. maybe its just my preference since I like both Red and Blue color ^^, If u noticed in the pictures some unpainted parts like the gundam face, the feet and stuffs, masking fault etc... going to fix that soon ^^

Regarding on some news on NK... more gunpla milking next year.. lol sure lots kits that I really like.. going to buy for sure.. but I might skipping any VS Astray kits, including MG Astray Red Frame Kai, the MG is look cool, proportion and articulation is nice, overall design is good. But I'm not really into Seed or Astray series, so yeah.. dunno if I may change my mind.. but for now.. skip lol

Thats all for now... Reborns WISP or XN WISP soon :P

Jya ne~


Wow, that was rather fast. As for the clear piece on the elbow, you can try to pry it out with a sharp hobby knife or something. However, it is very risky. The least damage you can get is a little scratch at the side while the worst would be it breaking. I did it before, so I know. You just have to be extremely careful if you do try it out. >.>

@CD - Thanks, I tried but it didnt work.. afraid to give more force I might broke or something bad >_<;;, thanks for the suggestion.. Ill try again lol

@moemoekyun - :D nice is it?

Looks better too. Red and clear blue makes a good combination for it.

Cool... I just don't have the right materials and skills to do these stuff, but i did customed a few of my kits as a try back then...

@bd77 - thanks ^^

@EXkurogane - thanks, I see, I would love to see ur past customized kits ^^

Really nice! It's coming along together very well :D

@plutonianrevolver - thanks!! its really suits well ^^

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