Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WISP MG Wing Gundam Ver. Ka Part 1?

Finally some progress with this guy lol... a very very long overdue WIP ^^;;

As usual didn't get much of WIP pictures, I really need to remember to take some ^^;;

Completed head, forgot to apply the eye sticker lol

Shot of the Arm...
just look at the nub mark... orz..
his is what u get if u use nail clipper in wrong way ahaha.. T_T

Completed building the shoulder,
almost breaking the round part on the shoulder coz I accidently swapped with the other side ^^;;

What should I do to this guy... hmm, I may re-paint the blue and red parts with same color respectively, maybe a lil different blue or red ^^;; to hide the nubs and stuffs, I didn't have plan on complete re-paint with different color.. the original white part color is a bit slightly dull but I like it that way... what u guys think? any suggestion is nice too.. I'm still thinking on Reborns custom haha.. and got a bit of headache ^^;;

New year is around the corner ^^... and I'm not sure if I have any plan on New Year eve... maybe hangout with my friends or just being at home working on Reborns :P...

I think going to sleep a little early today.. my head still hurt.. v_v

Anyways... Jya ne~ Oyasumi nasai~


Looking good so far! Don't forget about those green sensor pieces on the arms too! :)

I think just stick with the original colors haha :D It looks very good already!

Nail clippers... lol, i did use it too and it became blunt over time...

I'm not ready to challenge this kit yet though i successfully conquered the Unicorn, in terms of dry decals... XD

@shinra1003 - thanks for visiting ^^, lol nearly forgot theres one too on the arms lol, thanks for reminding me :D

@moemoekyun - still lot more to come haha

@chubbybots - yeah... I'll stick with original colors lol, too much thinking ideas makes my head hurts ^^;;;

@Exkurogane - yeah nail clippers, my tamiya cutter got lost >_<;;

Oh really? I think this kit is easier than Unicorn which got lots more tiny parts... thats why I works on this kit first than Unicorn which is I bought first lol

Nail clippers, useful tool, that. Had to buy several times because it had lost its cutting power...

Wing ver KA. Nice unit, but stickers too many...

@ tsukinari
nail clippers? i have use it on gunpla since the 1st until now and i'm not gonna change to any tamiya cutter! the tamiya cutter cost over rm100 at my place. is it worth that much? is it much "cleaner" than using nail clippers?

i use nail clippers to cut the nubs until it left around 2mm from the parts, then i use knife to slice it off. how about tamiya cutter? just 1 cut and that's all?

haha i know how you feel. i myself also turn into mindless zombie when i start building and forget about taking pictures and stuff.

@bd77 - haha... all Ka got lots sticker, especially the chicken pock one lol

@00 hater - wow... then ur expert handling it then... when I used it its kinda hard since I usually use the cutter, whoa cost you like RM100?? I bought a set only like RM 60+ if I remember it correctly, way back late 2008.. not much cleaner but its easier I guess... but thats just me ^^;;

thats what I do with cutter, but with nail clipoper I always accidently slipped and cutted whole gate leaving no extra nubs lol >_<;;, not really 1 cut, just like u said, from my experience..

lol mindless zombies XD

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