Thursday, December 03, 2009

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom WISP Part 1

Yep... new Custom gunpla project... since I cant continue painting my 00 gundam custom coz the compressor broken, I decided to start building Reborns Custom ^^.. Cherudim have to wait till his turn lol.. hope he doesnt get mad and goes crazy lol ^^;;

First we look at the Box and the contents ^^

As expected from our famous Gundam Boxart illustrator - Naochika Morishita, the artwork is beautiful XD... I like all HG Gundam 00 artworks, nice~

Now lets look at the runners

Runner A got most of the upperparts of Reborns Gundam including the clear parts

Runner B - got 2 pieces of same runner, very efficient on how Bandai designed the runners in the meantime reduce the production cost ^^

Runner C - same like Runner B, duplicate runners

Runner B - joints and GN Buster rifle molded in 1 color ^^;;

Lastly.. Foil Sticker ^^, many sticker to apply lol.. however I will not use it except for the eyes lol... I hate foil sticker :<

My plan for customize this unit is kinda simple, adding pla-plate details like 00 Gundam, but Ive decided to rid the cannon mode :D, I dont like it lol.. I will keep the funnel/gn-fang and stuff.. so I wont use the cannon mode's head.. I'll manage somehow to cover the exposed joint for that ^^;;...

The color and unit name already thought in my head.. not going to reveal it till this one done (lol)

But Ill give a hint... The color scheme will going to be based on 1 Gundam.. but not 100% same.. and the first letter for this unit is 'M' fufufufu.. :P

I have build a little bit but that going to included in next WISP ^^

Ja.. ne~


good luck ^_^
how about your MG exia is he come yet ??

@moemoekyun - thanks, my MG Exia will be pushed till end of December with another MG >_<;;; coz going to get the new compressor soon ^^;;

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