Sunday, December 27, 2009

HG 1/144 Reborns Gundam Custom Color Scheme

Finally done with Reborns Custom Color Scheme while ago... still havent sleep lol,

I cant find decent pic of the Reborns lineart, cant be helped but to upscale a bit, pardon me for the blurness lol

Like I said before, the color scheme is going to be kinda like 1 (Ai) Gundam but not that similiar, the main color will be Purple-ish, along with some other color (Red, Dark Grey, light purple or so)... so here some of the scheme that I come with... didnt have much idea, just randomly throw the color lol

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme 5

Color Scheme 6

Color Scheme 7

Color Scheme 8

This time there more than usual lol, I hope that these scheme are good enough lol...

So please, vote which one should I use lol.. I kinda have one in my mind.. but I'll just let you guys think which one is better ^^;;

On the side note..

I've done a lil bit progress with MG Wing Gundam... first going to straight build then gonna think if I should re-paint or not.. lol.. still far away from completion.. will post bout it when the time come ^^;;

Now its time for me to hit the sack!

Jya ne~~


I hate purple lol
no I like purple but it's looks like eva unit 01 ^^;; so I prefer the color scheme no 7

Having the purple-fetish I see or is it something to do with Prince? He likes purple. XD

I'd prefer black and gray with some amount of reds. Makes more... menacing. :D

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1, 4 and 7 the most because its the only one with black feet. great ideas! i love purple. i think using two shades of purple with black and little to no red could really make this suit look 'evil' and fearsome. looking forward to it!

I'm going with 3, 4, and 7.
I have to say, I wouldn't have thought of the purple color scheme, all of them look good. I'm planning on getting this, but the only problem is the beige of the original color scheme; I can't stand it. Thing is, I can't think of a good color to replace it.

Weird.. the color seems a bit off here... (when I see from office) the purple suppose to be more darker purple something like this -

@moemoekyun - lol.. it does look like eva01 O_o

@bd77 - more like Royal/Empire thinggy, Im thinking kinda crossover with Code Geass (Storyline wise) ^^;; lol

@Busterbeam - thanks for the input.. I personally like 4, might go black feet ^^

@Val Varo - Thanks ^^, 1(Ai) Gundam and GN Gannon that makes me choose Purple.. wanna see how it looks on Reborns lol..

I prefer 1 and 7. Maybe 1 is better since gundam without white colour is unique IMO.

@AstrayP03 - thanks ^^, why no to black feet? :P

@B-Mecha - Yeah.. Im trying to see if its better without usual white ^^

Most gundams have their feet a different colour from their armour. Number 3 has the same feet colour as the armour, so i'd say that's something different =P

I like seeing Purple... There are way too few Gundams with a purple colour... Besides Regenerate Gundam, at last there's one: Astray Mirage Frame. The second issue's color was not right though... I preferred Regenerate... ^^;

@AstrayP03 - hehe :D

@ExKurogane - thanks ^^, yeah second issue's color a bit weird >_<;;

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