Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yosh! Back in full force!! & Reborns Custom WISP Part 2 ^^

Yosh!!! Finally Im back in Action!! wooot lolz, lots of things happened when I was in fever mode.. most of them good one ^^.. will do write in next post :)..

When I regain my wellness last night I went 'berserk mode' and build Reborns gundam in one go lol... from chest parts that I left before fever mode XD, I never had building kits like that.. Usually I do part by part then continue tommorow or later haha..

Again, I was in 'berserk mode' totally forgot to take WIP pictures T_T

Its just a straight build, but cleaned some of the nubs and stuffs.. not using any foil sticker since I hate it.. lol

During building this guy, I have some mixed feeling bout this kit.. in a weird way lol.. I dunno.. I just feel different than the other Gundam 00 Season 2 kits..

Maybe because its infamous 'reverse' transformation?

just look at the connector for the Cannon mode head lol,
like I said not going to bother on Cannon mode..

but I like the funnels/fangs on the back... kinda look like wings there huhu..

Going to start my modding on the head part, fix the seam lines and some other stuffs... will see how it goes ^^

Next post hopefully going to cover on the good news and loots hehe..

Ja Ne~


Sweet build dude, some more all in one day!! haha.

Surprisingly this guy has only a few seamlines :D

Btw welcome back ^^ so hehe whats the good news?

@chubbybots - thanks ^^, lol I hope I can do that again lol..

yeap.. most of the seamlines are well hidden.. some just need to cement and seal the seamlines like the weapon and funnels

glad to be back huhu.. good news have to wait till next post :P

dude, where u are in KT? I'm in Seb. Takir.. Need to know how did you get ur stock.. did you get them from ebay?

@FoxCrew.88 - Whoa.. u from KT too?? XD well.. I live at Kg. Tok Kaya, Simpang Tok Ku, near SK Pusat Chabang Tiga..

I never bought stuffs from ebay.. unfortunately, but I get my stock by various source, eg. forum, some local online shop (AFHobby, and some are directly from Japan (HLJ,

Gundam booth/store at Giant are too expensive lol.. cekik darah >_<;;

Hmm... The Reborns/Ribbons Gundam. Two kits for the price of one. =D
From the design aspect, looks very nice (originally it was two units: 1 Gundam and GN Cannon). Lol, not going for the Cannon mode. It looks silly.

BTW, I'm geographically south of you (Kuantan, Pahang, to more exact). :D

hey.. can add my msn.. got something to ask you about the airbrush skill and the compressor.. i'm order one and it arrive already.. my msn..

wow nice
I am regret not geting that now >_<;;

@bd77 - lol hehe.. yeah, I kinda like its early version, 1 (Ai) Gundam and GN Cannon ^^

Woo.. u from kuantan eh.. thats kinda near lol.. hows gundam shop there? is it overprice like here? >_<

@seven6398 - ooo u got urs XD grats.. ill add to my msn ^^

@moemoekyun - no worries, theres still plenty stock out there lol ^^

really nice build! so he can transform? ive seen many builds on him but none with the cannon form lol i understand why though, this mode is too awesome!

cant wait to see what mods you have planned ^^

@rockleelotus - thanks, yes he can.. lol this mode is too awesome indeed XD..

Im slow T_T

Use to have one then went kaput. Now only can find in Parkson Grand, but still the same case: over-price like hell.
Gundam 00 (without the 0 Raiser) price:
KL: RM 47
Kuantan: RM 68/74

Pain, eh?... v_v

@bd77 - lol same here... the price is like 00 Raiser's KL price T_T...

here MG Sinanju is RM 350, and MG Exia Ignition Mode is RM 240 if I remember it correctly

very very pain.. thats why i prefer online :D postage only like RM5~10 huhu

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