Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gundam Double 0 Movie - Mobile Suits Lineart

Im going to delay my WISP post just for this lol...

Altho that you guys may have read it in other blog (NgeeKhiong or SRWhotnews) but I just had to post here lol.. just my opinion :P

First up is 00 Qan[T] / 00 Quanta

Pretty simplified design, kinda mix of Reborns, Exia, and 00 Gundam XD, the feet are kinda a lil big or it may the upper body look small.. but nevertheless the side shield+funnel is awesome.. I pretty much like it, not much to complain here.. lol but Im still wonder where is the GN-Drive? I think its on the back... which got connectors to the shield (which is probably the GN-Condenser to supply the power) ^^

Gundam Zabanya

Looks pretty much like Dynames modified with Cherudim elements or so .. lol maybe its just me, looks good to me .. like the design too since its pretty much look like the S1 MS. I dunno what the container functionality, but I thinks its just missle container.. on the back Zabanya now got back thruster again XD... theres no sniper rifle so I guess this MS is kinda like Mid range shooter MS? ^^

Gundam Harute

Awesome.. simply awesome... I like Harute design the most.. everything is great.. feel more superior than Arios and Kyrios ^^;; but that maybe just me hahah.. the Backpack is nice! as expected that this MS adopts Archer's elements ^^ I love the overall design, the chest and arms look like from Arios, shoulder from Kyrios, Nice! But.. I wonder wheres Marute? lol cant wait to see Marute design :D

Raphael Gundam

Im kinda turned off with Bulky, Fat or what ever you guys called lol, I just less like but in Raphael case... I kinda like it :D... the suit design are taken off from Gadessa family suit are kinda nice~ from the lineart we see Raphael now looks like didnt have 2nd MS now.. instead got big backpack with MS eater claw XD... but I got the feeling that the backpack can be purged out and Raphael use it as armor thus became bulky and fat again :D ^^..

I must say some of you guys might say/think that the designer got no more ideas to use and rehash previous MS design.. but.. lets see from the storyline perspective.. I think still look acceptable.. I mean there must be something that need to make the story moving along, MS upgrade and stuffs, right?

So what you guys think bout these new MS designs for Gundam 00 Movie?


they just rib my money out again >_<;;
with new gunpla @_@ must resist ...must resist...
ah yeah and 00 7 swords

i'm very afraid of quanta falling sideway due to the heavy sword/shield/funnel (in terms of gunpla).maybe that's the reason for the big legs. very simple..abit too simple i think. feel like not much "new" elements are given. don't really care if it got 2 or 1 or no gn drives. not much to comment here since it is the least gundam i am interested in. ( but we all know it will get the most gunpla treatment out of the 4)

don't see any pointy gn drive either. the main body is just so-so. the ice cube makers are most probably missle pods. or maybe a surprise for us: hidden components for a giant sniper rifle!!! i feel a handgun is really not enough for it. at least a beam rifle please! and no shield bits? i feel it lost its glory from S1 as a long range sniper. leave the missle spamming for harute. bring back sniper gundam!!!

yup, the most delicious design i think. the weaponry are getting fatter and fatter. what are those? giant beam cannon? well at least it is symmetrical. don't really like the cuboid tail. really... a TAIL? though the rest of the body made up for it. should have given him more screen time than setsuna. the other pilots deserve a twin drive as much as setsuna.

i thinks its weird how it position the thingy on the top of the gundam. it is almost like it's wearing a big hat. by the look of it. it does seems to be able to fit onto raphael and become a fat gundam (which is cool since i like fat ms). but the problem is how it will look like when it become fat? since the thingy look squarish. btw, no more giant gundam face on the back or on the chest (gurren lagaan style)? yay...

@moemoekyun - lol... cant wait for 00 7 Swords/G :D

@00 hater - thanks for the input... yeah I kinda agreed with what that u have pointed :D lol @ the ice cube maker and cuboid tail XD

GRAAH~! More kits! Out of all four, I'll take Qan[T].

ps. I've done (a very short) review of Kotobukiya's Daizengar kit. Then you decide whether or not they're good.

@bd77 - mine would be Harute ^^

just read it.. im speechless >_<;;;

Man, I love all the new designs, although I'm already losing the feelings for Quan[T] D:
My only concern is... I'll have to buy stands for all the models! D: There's no way Quan[T] and Raphael could stand, and Zabanya and Harute might be pretty back-heavy...
Still, I can't wait to see the model kits for these!

@Val Varo - hehe... next year hopefuly they will release these as model kits ^^

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