Thursday, November 26, 2009

HG 00 Gundam Custom WISP Update & Bad things happens T_T

Yeah.. finally some HG 00 Gundam Custom updates.. huhu

Done Airbrushing the white parts yesterday.. hopefully I didnt forget anything lol

Now left is the rest of Red color parts for Airbrushing ^^

But by the time I want to Airbrush the rest of the Red color parts.. something happened... T_T

The tiny compressor died ToT...... uguu.. as expected for a product from china which is only cost around RM50+/USD14+ ^^;; ....

2 months since I got it...I may use it too long without thought to check the temp and stuffs.. lol.. I guess its time to me to buy proper one then ^^;; which is 10 times more expensive XD, time to save up money ^^;;

For the mean time, I might continue other project like those MGs lying around lol or starts building Reborns custom to get ready when I buy new Compressor..

Well.. thats all for now huhu

Jya ne~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

XN Raiser WIP Part 1

Its been a while since last WISP post lol ^^;;

I've made some progress painting my 00 Gundam Custom.. Done most of the Red parts.. now just waiting for painting white color, but here got heavy rain like everyday T_T since last week already ToT... I cant do any airbrushing since the rain drop are always spill into my room when wanna try to see if I can airbrush or not.. uguu... I guess I'll just wait till the rain is settle down for a few days more I hope :(

*click to view larger image*

here what I just done for now ^^;;

While waiting for my 00 Gundam Custom airbrushing.. after done watching some anime and had nothing to watch more lol... I thought lets just start building XN Raiser to get ready for next progress ^^

Lets look at the runner..

1 runner, all white.... I wonder do I need to Prime/Surfacer it after done and ready to airbrushing? hm..

totally forgot to take picture when I was building it lol.. too much concentration ^^;;

Here how it looks after done building it..
Didnt attached to 0 Raiser coz I didnt build 0 Raiser yet.. lol

Cherudim decides to play around with XN Dual Swords ^^;;
He got jealous coz 00 Gundam gets Kitbash/Customize first instead of him as I said a few months ago lolz

"how do I look with this badass XN Buster muahahaha"

Going to give same color scheme like 00 Gundam Custom, give it a lil bit Gunmetal color.. I may color it in photoshop first to see how does it look ^^...

I might start new project.. or go ahead kitbashing HG00 or continuing building MGs that laying around lol while XN 00 Gundam custom waiting for decent weather condition to start AB-ing ^^;;

Jya ne~

Friday, November 20, 2009

To Aru Otaku no Tsukinari :D

Woot New Banner :D New Blog Title!! XD

Just finish my new banner along with my new blog name huhu...

Actually I've been thinking bout this blog title since weeks ago, theres a blog out there that has similiar blog title as I am... so I thought why not change the title :P

So after searching title ideas in my head... I came up with this particular title that might have suit me lol

'A Certain Otaku Tsukinari' or 'To Aru Otaku no Tsukinari' XD

Obviously the title are jacked from a quite famous anime/manga titled 'A Certain Magical Index' or 'To Aru Majutsu no Index' following with its side story 'To Aru Kagaku no Railgun' or 'A Certain Scientific Railgun' :D. To lazy to explain whats its all about .. just google it :P

Bout the Banner.. took some time to give some idea bout the design and stuffs... and I also thinking bout my blog logo or brand (LOL) hehehe

Okay.. here what I came up for the logo with my otaku nickname XD...

'Tsuki' means Moon... also can means Thrust, Stab (like in Kendo), also means Luck and some more that i forgot...

'Nari' I dunno if it does have meaning anything in Japanese or not... I just 'selfishly' put it at the end that I thought its kinda cool lol

As the name Tsuki meaning Moon, I just created a round shape which is basically moon and a crescent that also symbolic the moon.. lol I dunno how to explain but thats how I came up the logo.. ^^;;

Anyway.. New project will arise sooon.... lol...
XN 00 Gundam Custom progress next hopefully :D

Jya ne~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Late October Loot~ and tiny update~

Woke up today afternoon (got offday today :P) and I saw this on my chair XD

*click it to view larger images in new tab*

Rushing to the suddenly appeared parcel and opened it vigorously ^^;;

and Its my HG Reborns and MG Kampfer!

My latest HG from Gundam 00 series XD - Reborns Gundam

My first ever Zeon MS - MG Kampfer and my 2nd MG from UC after Unicorn ^^;;
Huge box is huge XD

Along with the kits, I also bought some other stuffs

Proper Gunmetal color - Gaianotes 020 Gunmetal,
Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type :D,
and Tamiya paint stir.. ^^;;

Also icluding is White Decal Paper from K-Trading,
going to use it for my XN oo Gundam custom :P

not forgetting a few days ago also got parcel from Hobby Japan Link.. didnt post coz wanna post along with today's loot ^^;

Sad... just sad... dunno which one fault POS Malaysia? SAL? saa...

as can see here... POS Malaysia said they found the parcel already opened? (damaged?)

Thankfully the content are intact :D...
its just some Kotobukiya's MSG detailing kits ^^
going to use it in future project :D

On the side note - Tiny progress on XN 00 Gundam

already done primed like weeks ago, Im so damn slow T_T going to paint today hopefully ^^;;
I forced myself to paint it in rainy day... as the result not quite bad since its not that heavy rain..

Anyways... thanks to you guys who vote for the color scheme for my XN 00 Gundam Custom ^^ as the Result at the moment no 4 got the most vote, so its 'kimeta desu' ! I'm going to use no4 XD Im kinda now like 4 a bit lol ^^;;

Also please vote for how u think bout new 3 column that I just added a few days ago ^^ dozo dozo~, and thanks to who already voted ^^... the banner im still working ... hopefully can finish soon heheehe...

Friday, November 06, 2009

PG 00 Raiser New PV

Gotta post this :D

While ago saw Ngee Khiong post bout the updated with PG 00 Raiser page.. and he mention that they also upped new PG 00 Raiser PV, so I checked it.. download it (lol) and I just thought why not post this and gonna let you guys see it ^^

If you guys prefer to download and store, u can download it here (h264 Mp4 format)

My thought?... To be honest its an impressive PV ^^, the gimmick shown are kinda cool and stuffs.. first time seeing it makes me want to buy it right away :P, but I wont lol.. like I said before.. the actual stuffs didnt impressed me.. somehow the PV does lol..

Really.. Bandai is good at Marketing stuffs :P

so. who gonna buy it after seeing this PV?

p/s - btw.. the music in this PV is awesome.. me likey

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

HG XN 00 Gundam Custom Color Scheme

This couple of days, its been raining like crazy here ._., its so cold lol.. I afraid to Airbrushing/Primer/Apply Surfacer to my kits since I read somewhere that you shouldn't Airbrush at raining day.. also I have no space to do it lol... T_T

So I dont have other stuffs to do, I building my MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka... but its not that much progress to blog about.. its just tiny little progress lol.. if I do more on that MG I'll post up :P

Then.. I start thinking bout my 00 Gundam color scheme.. dig up 00 Gundam lineart... fire up Photoshop.. and start coloring :D

As I mention before.. Im going to use Red-ish color scheme.. so far I got few style/scheme that I really need you guys help to choose which one.. XD

Photoshopping too much until I came up with 7 different color scheme haha...

ja.. mina-san... goran kudasai... docchi desu ka? ^^

click for larger image desu~

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme 5

Color Scheme 6

Color Scheme 7

Hopefully all of those are good enuf lol....

Tomorrow after work if weather is good gonna prime/surfacer my 00 gundam :D

C&C Welcome desu~


Monday, November 02, 2009

Uber WISP HG 1/144 HG XN 00 Gundam Custom

Slow WIP is slow :P

yeah.. pardon my for my uber lateness update for my HG 1/144 HG XN 00 Gundam Custom! Im going to keep the Unit name secret untill everything all done lol..

So... what have I've done on my WISP these couple of weeks?? tiny.. tiny progress lol... As usual.. work and life ^^;; All ive done is adding details on the outer armor of 00 Gundam using pla-plate.. XN unit still in the box.. going to work it out after 00 Gundam finish...

Why separate building? well.. I'm kinda like working and focusing one 1 thing at a time, working multiple projects/stuffs is not my style... maybe I'll adapt to it.. but not now ^^;;

Seriously.. adding details with pla-plate is damn hard, cutting to tiny parts is PITA!!!!! XD, I messed up like countless time.. ^^;; thank god its now kinda finished lol

Anyway.. cut the talky.. lets do this!~

(Middle click mouse for larger images in new tab *firefox*)

Done most of armor parts

Full front and back side view, at this time the shoulder, twin drive and upper body part I havent added the details yet

Closer view on the arm details ^^

Closer view on the legs detail... forgot to take back side ^^;;

And.. today I completed working on the rest of the armor..
I think I wont Add the details on the head except sharpen the v-fins ^^

Closer view :D

Thats it.. Today I cant AB surfacer on the kits since its raining hard right now.. these days its lots raining here T_T... maybe tommorow I can do it XD

The color scheme that Im going to use is kinda Redish color.. somewhere between pure red and a lil bit dark red... Still working out how to put which one goes to which part.. I think going to use similar to original one.. hm..

Oh for the naming.. its going to be like this.. XN 00 *insert unit name here* Gundam ver. Tsukinari ... XD (hint for unit name - starts with letter 'K' :P)

Comments and Critic are welcome! please do! yoroshiku!

Until next post.. ^^;;

Jya ne~