Friday, November 06, 2009

PG 00 Raiser New PV

Gotta post this :D

While ago saw Ngee Khiong post bout the updated with PG 00 Raiser page.. and he mention that they also upped new PG 00 Raiser PV, so I checked it.. download it (lol) and I just thought why not post this and gonna let you guys see it ^^

If you guys prefer to download and store, u can download it here (h264 Mp4 format)

My thought?... To be honest its an impressive PV ^^, the gimmick shown are kinda cool and stuffs.. first time seeing it makes me want to buy it right away :P, but I wont lol.. like I said before.. the actual stuffs didnt impressed me.. somehow the PV does lol..

Really.. Bandai is good at Marketing stuffs :P

so. who gonna buy it after seeing this PV?

p/s - btw.. the music in this PV is awesome.. me likey


I saw the actual thing...yep like you said it not as impressive compared to the commercial :D

Perfect grades are really out of my budget, prefer getting a bunch of HGs and MGs instead ^^

>_< the GN drive "wings" not moveable !!
not like the HG ver.

@chubbybots - yeah.. PG also way over my budget.. I dont think I'm buying a PG with my current salary lol.. still prefer HGs and MGs ^^

@moemoekyun - yeah.. 0 Raiser wing attached to GN-Drive holder cant move freely.. unlike HG one.. so cant do bad ass Full Burst 00 Raiser pose.. zannen deshita~ T_T

yeah.. wad bandai lacks.. bandai has it in the marketing section. XD haha. at first when the news of PG Raiser was released.. the price of it and limited edition stuffs only for japan totally puts me off.. den i was at Tokyo for the Plamo Expo 2009 where they showcased the PG Raiser 00.. (you can see those photos at Ngee Kiong) The package, features and introduction by the designer was exactly wad was portrayed in the PV.. wah. i mus admit i wanted to buy it on the spot. lolx. den the news of the wing binders cant bent brought me back to earth again. XD im still thinking whether to get it..



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