Thursday, November 26, 2009

HG 00 Gundam Custom WISP Update & Bad things happens T_T

Yeah.. finally some HG 00 Gundam Custom updates.. huhu

Done Airbrushing the white parts yesterday.. hopefully I didnt forget anything lol

Now left is the rest of Red color parts for Airbrushing ^^

But by the time I want to Airbrush the rest of the Red color parts.. something happened... T_T

The tiny compressor died ToT...... uguu.. as expected for a product from china which is only cost around RM50+/USD14+ ^^;; ....

2 months since I got it...I may use it too long without thought to check the temp and stuffs.. lol.. I guess its time to me to buy proper one then ^^;; which is 10 times more expensive XD, time to save up money ^^;;

For the mean time, I might continue other project like those MGs lying around lol or starts building Reborns custom to get ready when I buy new Compressor..

Well.. thats all for now huhu

Jya ne~


good luck with your work ^__^ nice color BTW
save money up for new one

@moemoekyun - thanks ^^, yeah.. new compressor with airtank is around RM550+/USD162+ >__<

really >_< oh I can buy a PG strike with that

@moemoekyun - haha.. well.. this one will be long term one.. more better than the one just died... so yeah.. ^^ I think im not ready for PG yet.. hell I havent finish a single MG that I have yet lol.. >___<

I though i the only one who haven't build PG >_<
well,good luck with your XNraiser ^_^

oh yeah you always talking about MG exia last month do you get him already ???

so how do you fix the parts on to the "chopsticks" or satay sticks??

why don't you use those compressor than runs on electricity?

@moemoekyun - replied to shoutbox >_<

@00 hater - theres 2 way that I use - first one stick the end of the stick into the pc-parts/joint parts - second one wrap the stick with paper tape and stick the back side of the part around the stick ^^;;

I didnt really get what you mean >_<, the one that died is the one used electricity/plug in to switch socket, and its magnet type pump, and the problem is the magnet's wire (that wrapped around it) all snapped off, so the magnet didnt work to pump out air.. maybe due overheat and stuffs >_<

i see. thanks. will try it sometime. i tried using the paper tape before but failed somehow...maybe something wrong with the way i tape it.

guess i misunderstood you somewhere. i thought you weren't using electricity powered compressor...lolz. never thought those thing can "die". i heard that taiwan made compressor is not too bad.but the best of course is from japan (which cost > rm 1k or so as i was told, not sure though)

@00 hater - forgot to mention - wrap the paper tape backward - so the sticky part are outside so u can stick the parts on to the stick ^^

Yeah.. right now Im searching for a bit cheap but decent one... found Kinki brand yesterday but without the airtank price is like RM750 >_<;;

RM50+ for an airbrush? wherever did you find suc a bargain?

I would be good for a beginner like me i think =P

@AstrayP03 - actually RM250 full set of airbrush, RM 50 is just the tiny magnetic compressor (very tiny see my previous post - )

the airbrush set (intro set) consist this items-
- Motool Airbrush HD-130 0.3mm dual action (china brand)
- Tiny Compressor (china Brand)
- 6 Gianotes Color (Black,White,Clear,Blue,Yellow and Red)
- 1200 Surfacer
- 10x stick w/ crocodile clip
- 3x empty bottle
- 1x 12mm masking Tape
- 110ml Mr.Color Lacquer Thinner
- Airbrush bracket

yep its good for beginner ^^

for more info or pre-order follow this link

the seller is a good guy.. his store also got some cool stuffs ^^

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