Monday, November 02, 2009

Uber WISP HG 1/144 HG XN 00 Gundam Custom

Slow WIP is slow :P

yeah.. pardon my for my uber lateness update for my HG 1/144 HG XN 00 Gundam Custom! Im going to keep the Unit name secret untill everything all done lol..

So... what have I've done on my WISP these couple of weeks?? tiny.. tiny progress lol... As usual.. work and life ^^;; All ive done is adding details on the outer armor of 00 Gundam using pla-plate.. XN unit still in the box.. going to work it out after 00 Gundam finish...

Why separate building? well.. I'm kinda like working and focusing one 1 thing at a time, working multiple projects/stuffs is not my style... maybe I'll adapt to it.. but not now ^^;;

Seriously.. adding details with pla-plate is damn hard, cutting to tiny parts is PITA!!!!! XD, I messed up like countless time.. ^^;; thank god its now kinda finished lol

Anyway.. cut the talky.. lets do this!~

(Middle click mouse for larger images in new tab *firefox*)

Done most of armor parts

Full front and back side view, at this time the shoulder, twin drive and upper body part I havent added the details yet

Closer view on the arm details ^^

Closer view on the legs detail... forgot to take back side ^^;;

And.. today I completed working on the rest of the armor..
I think I wont Add the details on the head except sharpen the v-fins ^^

Closer view :D

Thats it.. Today I cant AB surfacer on the kits since its raining hard right now.. these days its lots raining here T_T... maybe tommorow I can do it XD

The color scheme that Im going to use is kinda Redish color.. somewhere between pure red and a lil bit dark red... Still working out how to put which one goes to which part.. I think going to use similar to original one.. hm..

Oh for the naming.. its going to be like this.. XN 00 *insert unit name here* Gundam ver. Tsukinari ... XD (hint for unit name - starts with letter 'K' :P)

Comments and Critic are welcome! please do! yoroshiku!

Until next post.. ^^;;

Jya ne~


@moemoekyun - yes I do have XN parts from Hobby Japan ^^.. just read a few post below this post ^^

What are pla plates actually!?
And hi i am ryan!

@Ryan Tin - hi there, hm... pla-plate is actually a plastic styrene comes with different thicks.. the one I used is 0.3mm, Im using it to adding more details to my kit.. See the body part, the tiny white box thinggy is the pla-plate that I used ^^

erm does any 1 know where to get xn raiser in singapore ?? not by internet i am still a teenager

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