Sunday, November 22, 2009

XN Raiser WIP Part 1

Its been a while since last WISP post lol ^^;;

I've made some progress painting my 00 Gundam Custom.. Done most of the Red parts.. now just waiting for painting white color, but here got heavy rain like everyday T_T since last week already ToT... I cant do any airbrushing since the rain drop are always spill into my room when wanna try to see if I can airbrush or not.. uguu... I guess I'll just wait till the rain is settle down for a few days more I hope :(

*click to view larger image*

here what I just done for now ^^;;

While waiting for my 00 Gundam Custom airbrushing.. after done watching some anime and had nothing to watch more lol... I thought lets just start building XN Raiser to get ready for next progress ^^

Lets look at the runner..

1 runner, all white.... I wonder do I need to Prime/Surfacer it after done and ready to airbrushing? hm..

totally forgot to take picture when I was building it lol.. too much concentration ^^;;

Here how it looks after done building it..
Didnt attached to 0 Raiser coz I didnt build 0 Raiser yet.. lol

Cherudim decides to play around with XN Dual Swords ^^;;
He got jealous coz 00 Gundam gets Kitbash/Customize first instead of him as I said a few months ago lolz

"how do I look with this badass XN Buster muahahaha"

Going to give same color scheme like 00 Gundam Custom, give it a lil bit Gunmetal color.. I may color it in photoshop first to see how does it look ^^...

I might start new project.. or go ahead kitbashing HG00 or continuing building MGs that laying around lol while XN 00 Gundam custom waiting for decent weather condition to start AB-ing ^^;;

Jya ne~


@moemoekyun - yeah.. using no.4 Color scheme on my previous post ^^

Painting those parts are no joke! I applaud your patience!

@hirobot - thanks ^^, this is my first painted kit, hope the outcome is good :)

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