Wednesday, November 04, 2009

HG XN 00 Gundam Custom Color Scheme

This couple of days, its been raining like crazy here ._., its so cold lol.. I afraid to Airbrushing/Primer/Apply Surfacer to my kits since I read somewhere that you shouldn't Airbrush at raining day.. also I have no space to do it lol... T_T

So I dont have other stuffs to do, I building my MG Wing Gundam Ver Ka... but its not that much progress to blog about.. its just tiny little progress lol.. if I do more on that MG I'll post up :P

Then.. I start thinking bout my 00 Gundam color scheme.. dig up 00 Gundam lineart... fire up Photoshop.. and start coloring :D

As I mention before.. Im going to use Red-ish color scheme.. so far I got few style/scheme that I really need you guys help to choose which one.. XD

Photoshopping too much until I came up with 7 different color scheme haha...

ja.. mina-san... goran kudasai... docchi desu ka? ^^

click for larger image desu~

Color Scheme 1

Color Scheme 2

Color Scheme 3

Color Scheme 4

Color Scheme 5

Color Scheme 6

Color Scheme 7

Hopefully all of those are good enuf lol....

Tomorrow after work if weather is good gonna prime/surfacer my 00 gundam :D

C&C Welcome desu~



6番のほうが良いと思います! =D


oh gasp... google translate to the rescue! >_<;;

ah.. souka souka.. onaji da! I kinda like no. 6 ^^;;

thanks for coming by :D

I like 3. It looks awesome except for the blue. It doesnt seem to match well with the dark red.

I like 3 also, but the blue does go better with 4.

@Thu - I pick blue coz dunno which color to put lol.. thinking going different than original (green for condenser and red to head gem) thanks for coming by ^^

@Anon - thanks for voting.. ^^

@Busterbeam - yeah 4 and 7 kinda nice too.. stuck which one to choose hahaha, btw thanks for visit!

@Ryan - thanks for voting :D

maybe 00 GUNDAM in silver will be awesome !! ^_^

@moemoekyun - im saving that color for my other kits muahahaha

@plutonianrevolver - thanks for coming by and voting ^^

@plutonianrevolver - sure.. added ur blog to my 'Nakama' list :D

3, 4, 5 is nice. Can't really choose between them... but maybe final choice is 4.

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