Saturday, November 14, 2009

Late October Loot~ and tiny update~

Woke up today afternoon (got offday today :P) and I saw this on my chair XD

*click it to view larger images in new tab*

Rushing to the suddenly appeared parcel and opened it vigorously ^^;;

and Its my HG Reborns and MG Kampfer!

My latest HG from Gundam 00 series XD - Reborns Gundam

My first ever Zeon MS - MG Kampfer and my 2nd MG from UC after Unicorn ^^;;
Huge box is huge XD

Along with the kits, I also bought some other stuffs

Proper Gunmetal color - Gaianotes 020 Gunmetal,
Tamiya Epoxy Putty Quick Type :D,
and Tamiya paint stir.. ^^;;

Also icluding is White Decal Paper from K-Trading,
going to use it for my XN oo Gundam custom :P

not forgetting a few days ago also got parcel from Hobby Japan Link.. didnt post coz wanna post along with today's loot ^^;

Sad... just sad... dunno which one fault POS Malaysia? SAL? saa...

as can see here... POS Malaysia said they found the parcel already opened? (damaged?)

Thankfully the content are intact :D...
its just some Kotobukiya's MSG detailing kits ^^
going to use it in future project :D

On the side note - Tiny progress on XN 00 Gundam

already done primed like weeks ago, Im so damn slow T_T going to paint today hopefully ^^;;
I forced myself to paint it in rainy day... as the result not quite bad since its not that heavy rain..

Anyways... thanks to you guys who vote for the color scheme for my XN 00 Gundam Custom ^^ as the Result at the moment no 4 got the most vote, so its 'kimeta desu' ! I'm going to use no4 XD Im kinda now like 4 a bit lol ^^;;

Also please vote for how u think bout new 3 column that I just added a few days ago ^^ dozo dozo~, and thanks to who already voted ^^... the banner im still working ... hopefully can finish soon heheehe...


Actually you can switch on a table lamp nearby your spraying area. Will help to keep the place slightly warm on a cold day and aid in the spraying ^^. Damn, nice grab MG kampher!!

@chubbybots - well.. thats is problem too.. i dont have a table lamp lolz >_<... maybe going to find one... huhu.. Thanks, I like the design of Kampfer.. thinking going metallic finish on it muahahaha

oh before I forgot sometimes the post office check the parcel so they open it !
maybe they aware with echii figures,porn magz,or eroge LOL

@moemoekyun - thanks ^^, lol! so they also an otaku :P muahaha

yup if you choose red you just copy trans-am right !!

@moemoekyun - not really lol, Red is one of my fav color... actually when Im thinking bout color scheme.. I forgot Trans-Am using red too.. haha

Nice! I have never ordered online before, because well, the shipment costs are WAY too ex...

AHHHH!! A MG KAMPFER!! i've been searching high and low for it man. its hard to find ard my place.. sigh. it definitely deserves a metallic finish.. heh.. nice progress.. looking forward to your RAISER!

and very nice loots btw.. *envy* =)


@Marzz - thanks.. ooo I bought from HJL using SAL and the cost for shipping is 480yen.. kinda okay for me ^^;;

@Ren n Tako! - hehe.. Actually Ive been searching for this kit since before getting MG Unicorn.. true.. its kinda rare kits now >_<, get before gone lol... yeah Kampfer will look awesome in metallic finish ^^... will be done soon ^^, thanks ... hehe

your parcel is not damaged. It was pried open by POS Malaysia

@Moemoekyun Methinks they don't check for porn... they check if there is anything valuable which is worth taking. Because there are (many) incidents where people get the box but not the contents. and if there IS porn, chances are they'd keep it for themselves =/

curious, what is the white decal for? =)

@ astrayP03 I just kidding I put "LOL" also
maybe they afraid with terorist's BOmb,guns,narcotics

@AstrayP03 - so they lied bout they found it opened? D:... they should put "dibuka untuk pemeriksaan/Opened for checking" sticker rather than that hm.... i dunno.. first time got this.. lol

About the White Decal, Its a water slide decal like those Bandai Water Slide decal. This one I can print my own decal design ^^ on it. I choose white coz my designs mostly using white.. usual printer cant print white color except old Alps printer which I dont have lol.. there's transparent one.. I havent bought it yet.. a bit cheaper than white one.. cant wait to test it lol

Hajimemashite Tsukinari-san,

I am a new blogger and i been searching for quite some time for someone whom come from Malaysia that had the same interest as i am - ANIME!

I noticed you had put a list about anime that you currently watch and i gotta say, we had something in common,I love BLEACH + FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST both and so does Haruhi Suzumiya...Guess we could be friend coz I would love to have people whom like anime as my friends...

Hope you can considering me to be one of your new friends....

p/s: please reply this comment if you agreed! thanks... I just wanted to find friends from Malaysia that had the same interest as I do.. That's all... Thanks again!

Hajimemashite Mimie-san koso ^^

Thanks for visiting my blog ^^, Me too been searching bloggers from Malaysia not long ago that have same interest with me.. and found some of them but not many.. I'm sure theres lot more out there that just waiting to be discovered ^^, Me kinda supprise that you have found me here XD hehe.. Anime FTW!!

Hehe, both are pretty nice anime series that I follow every weeks and will going to do so in the future.. The list is kinda old.. I need to update it soon.. since some new season Ive folowed ^^.. Sure we can be friend... why not ^^ hehe... I loved to have some friends that have same interest out here on net... ^^

Currently I mostly post about my another new hobby that I've sucked in recently, due Gundam Double 0 anime lol.. Gudam Plastic Model (Gunpla).. Didnt post much about anime recently.. dunno what to say or what to tell lol... maybe I should think some ^^

Dozo yoroshiku onegai shimasu~ :D

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