Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bleach - New Filler Arc begins next week >_<;;

Just marathon-ed few eps of Bleach (220 - 229) ^^;;

Darn.. it was just the time im feeling excited after a while since Gotei 13 battles then they switch to Ichigo vs Ulquiorra at ep 226. After a long time waiting for it, then when i watch at the end of the eps (preview) they getting some rest on that manga arc for a while and air filler eps instead >.<, I was so 'in fury'~~~ ^^;;

Next week they will be new Filler arc for Bleach ^^;; a few eps before (ep 227-229) just some random warm up eps after the manga arc hold point.. Somehow my 'fury' feeling kinda fly away a bit lol coz ep 228 is beach eps!! woot lol.. funny yet hawt eps there~ ^^

Next Anime marathon coming is Basquash and Cross Game ^^


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