Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bleach Episode 230 - Unexpected Supprise XD

I just finished watching Bleach 230 right after back from work lolz.

Wow... I wasnt expected this filler arc will be awesome for its starting episode XD. What a brilliant idea for the plot, who knows that ur Zanpakuto can betray you!! XP.

I guess Kubo-sensei really put some nice supervising for this filler arc, the new character is awesome! Kazeshini is baddass with his awesome laugh lol. Tobiume, Sode no Shirayuki and Haineko is WIN! Senbonzakura and Hyorinmaru designs is simply godly :P

I really like most of the Zanpakuto materialization designs.. All though these are not their True identity (as Zabimaru is baboon+snake and Hyorinmaru is ice dragon), In this filler their appearance more like human due Muramasa influences (i think, more like Muramasa's ver :P)

The awesome Hyorinmaru and Senbonzakura~

I think Muramasa is the baddest filler villain all time :P, got this Ulqiorra feeling and some Aizen confidence looking thinggy XD

Most of the scenes are got this movie like feelings... drawing is good, animation is awesome, I like the battle sequence between Renji and Byakuya ^^, some humor on Hitsugaya and Matsumoto :), cant wait for next ep ^^

I feel kinda weird right now.. Its rare that filler arc starting esp are excited like this one.. Its been a while since I'm excited to watch Bleach eps (since i also read manga). This filler arc definitely going to be much more better than Bounto arc and Amagai arc together ^^. Hope this continues~ Kudos to Studio Pierrot and Kubo-sensei~~

This episode make my day after tired of work's OT and stuffs >_<;;

I really need some free time to continue my gunplaing, uguu~~


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