Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Images of MG Exia Ignition Mode

New Images of MG Exia Ignition Mode has been revealed XD, goran kudasai~

Basic pose, front and back view ^_^

Action pose :D "Lookie at my bling bling~" XD

Another action pose, "Imma gonna keel u with mah bling bling~"

More pose ^^

Seven sword package :3

Close up on the Chrome/metalic plated sword runner ^^ nice~

Action pose with Repair part kit ^^

Repair parts and inner frame showing - look nice~

MG Exia Gundam Repair in action ~

Repair parts kit... if the cloak that included are colored like this >_<;;; i need to learn weathering :P

Release in July - 6,825 Yen, First batch price 5,250 Yen, Normal Mode 3,990 Yen

All images are from Toy World Forum

*On the side note - still stuck which digital camera should I buy >_<, so guys pls recommend me one, see previous post ^^;;


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