Thursday, July 16, 2009

MG Exia Ignition Mode Features Launched @ Bandai Hobbysite

Its a bout time.. full list of unique features of MG Exia Ignition Mode


Multi-colored runners thanks to latest molding technology, u dont have to manualy color most of parts~ hehe ^^

Chrome plated for GN-Swords tip *bling bling*

Inner frame sliding parts enables more pose possibility~ LOVE IT~ XD

A must for Master Grade kits... Pilot figure!! and also included HARO!!

One of a kind.. Back LED for GN-Drive and front LED for Chest orb enable glow like text effects!! LED Switch are operate buy twisting the middle of the GN-Drive ^^

Like the Normal mode, included with 'GN-Cap' and GN-Drive holder ^^

2 Separate part for GN-Condenser for both Hand and Leg part, Special resin-treated hologram sheet for GN-Cable/Cord, Text engraved on the Chest orb using Laser processing! O_o *speechless*

Also included decals ^^

Included only in Ignition Mode... Exia Repair convension kits, awesome moveability for the cape enable more awesome pose possibility~!! *drools*

Last part... same as Normal Mode... improved articulation, forward and backward lean, 2 point shoulder articulation, revolutionary up and down pelvis joint, and improved front skirt joint!

Definitely awesome! all I can say is... its a Must Buy kit! love all those features!! In my opinion this 'might' be the best MG to date XD....

All image are from Bandai Hobbysite


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